Quality of instruction considered poor in Dubai


By Cleofe Maceda, Senior Reporter  www.gulfnews.com

Dubai is known for its strict driver licensing regime. Many inexperienced drivers have flunked the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) tests several times and it is normal to see applicants taking two or four attempts with an examiner prior to licence issuance. The highest number of attempts recorded so far in Dubai is 20.

Many people believe that it is relatively more difficult to secure a driver’s permit in the UAE than elsewhere. Others also question whether the mandatory in-school trainings are really necessary or whether the education standards are really strong.

A quick survey among expatriates who took their licences from accredited countries like the UK, France or United States showed that student drivers abroad also go through rigorous and long hours of training prior to taking the road test, but there is no required number of classes before and between road tests.

The intensity of the trainings depends largely on the experience and the ability of the individual to learn. Some expatriates interviewed by Gulf News took only 12 hours of formal lessons, while others went through 40 hours of training, but these were not mandatory. Many learned to drive with a friend, brother or other experienced drivers outside the school, something that is not allowed in the UAE. More info