Rain forecast for Dubai on Monday


By Jamie Goodwin, Web News Editor  www.gulfnews.com

Dubai: Rain could fall in the city next week, with meteorology centres predicting wet weather on Monday.

Weather website wunderground.com forecasts the likelihood of precipitation in Dubai on December 1 at up to 40 per cent.

The meteorology site gives a one-in-four chance of rainfall from 11am until 2pm, with a 33 per cent chance of wet weather from 5pm to 8pm.

Sharjah has a 36 per cent chance of rainfall on Monday from 11am to 2pm and a 33 per cent chance from 5pm to 8pm.

Fellow weather site accuweather.com is more conservative with its predictions, offering a 25 per cent of rain in Dubai on Monday.

Dubai weathermen predict that temperatures will continue to fall sharply from an average minimum temperature of 24.1 degrees C in October to a cool 16.3 degrees as December sets in.

The first Shamals usually affect the Gulf between late November and early December, said forecasters, citing historical records. More info