Revealed: Dubai's Top 5 traffic offences in 2015


By Sneha May Francis

According to statistics revealed by the Dubai Police, the top violation on the emirate’s roads this year has been for ‘obstructing traffic’.

1A total of 150,829 motorists were booked for the offence.

The figures reflect the number of violators in the first seven months of 2015.

For this offence, defaulters will have to pay Dh200.

‘Lane indiscipline’ was the second most committed traffic offence with 117,739 motorists booked for it.

Violators are charged Dh200 in fine, and two black points.

The third was ‘parking in prohibited places’ with 104,781 penalties. Those found violating this rule will have to pay up Dh200 and will also get two black points.

Motorists who suddenly switched lanes totalled to 51,427. For light vehicles, it’s Dh200 plus two black points, while heavy vehicles are charged Dh600 and they also receive six black points.

Tailgaters made it to the top five, with 36,196 drivers booked for the offence. Tailgating is reportedly the third leading cause of traffic deaths in the UAE. The penalty is Dh400 fine and four black points.

Other traffic offences

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