Revealed: what’s next on Dubai RTA’s 3D printing list?

Senior official says technology will be expanded to build marine transport station, bridges, bus stops

Revealed: what's next on Dubai RTA's 3D printing list?

Dubai’s transport authority has unveiled plans to expand its use of 3D printing technology to include the construction of a pedestrian bridge and a marine transport stationi

The committee responsible for the Implementation of Dubai 3D Printing Strategy Committee at the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has launched new initiatives as part of the Smart Dubai plan.

Abdul Reda Abul Hassan, chair of the Dubai 3D Printing Strategy Implementation Committee at the RTA, said 3D printing technology will span various projects “such as a pedestrian bridge, Hatta Gates, bus stop, and marine transport station”.

“Using 3D printing technology in implementing these projects will help developing innovative methods capable of contributing effectively to promoting Dubai as the smartest city; a global hub for tourists, visitors, investors and businessmen and a leading financial, tourism and service centre in the world,” he added.

“We are fully confident that this digital technology will revolutionise the way Dubai’s mass transit projects are implemented.”

In September, the RTA signed an agreement with Siemens to extend its use of 3D printing technology. More info

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