Riyadh Metro is worth the wait


By Talal Harbi  http://www.arabnews.com/

Taking initial steps is always difficult. This holds true when it comes to undertaking huge projects or missions, which bring about drastic changes that have a great impact on the future. The ongoing Riyadh Metro project is a perfect example of such tasks.

The project was launched in 2014 and it is moving steadily since then. The High Commission for the Development of Riyadh is directly monitoring the execution of this massive project, which is expected to change the overall landscape of the capital city of Saudi Arabia.

The project has been designed to effectively resolve the increasing traffic problems in the city and to improve the services of public transportation.
Due to the ongoing massive construction activities, the city residents are faced with immense traffic issues, which have invited lots of criticism from certain quarters.

What people don’t realize is the fact that all these problems are temporary? Upon completion, all these problems will vanish once and for all. In addition to that many investment opportunities will also be created. More info