Roads and Transport Authority holds workshops to highlight standards of Dubai Government Excellence Program



A series of seminars and workshops designed to instill the proper concepts and standards of the Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP) by means of regularly held workshops to elucidate the key nine standards of the DGEP have been incorporated in this year’s plan of the Development and Corporate Performance Department, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

Dubai metroUnder this context, the maiden workshop under this drive has recently been held at RTA’s Auditorium explaining three key standards of the DGEP, namely; leadership, policy & strategy, and key performance results. The event witnessed an overwhelming turnout of RTA employees in general.

‘The Department’s plan for this year entails holding workshops and seminars addressing several key issues including total quality solutions concepts, mystery shopper, and satisfaction rating surveys in addition to DGEP and RTA’s own methodologies,” said the Director of Development and Corporate Performance Ahmed Al Hammadi.

During the workshop, Marwan Razzo, Manager of Quality and Excellence, Development and Corporate Performance Department, gave several practical examples illustrating the basic idea behind each of the key standard discussed together with the sub-standards involved, which contributed greatly to raising employees’ awareness of how to prepare well for the program.

“As regards the DGEP, we were keen on enriching the lecture with a variety of practical models and video-aided presentations emphasizing to the audience the importance of perseverance and overcoming obstacles encountered in the drive of success and excellence. The workshop also went to explain other issues relating to managerial and career excellence besides highlighting the excellence model of government administration, and all sub-standards of the DGEP,” continued Razzo.

Razzo conducted another workshop related to RTA’s own methodologies entitled, “Change Management Methodology”; which is the inaugural edition of upcoming practical workshops to be delivered in the context of 23 different methodologies scheduled for this year aimed at raising the awareness of RTA’s employees through offering ample illustration of each methodology ensuring optimal application in various work disciplines, and giving practical demonstrations during the explanation.