Roads and Transport Authority receives delegation from Dubai Penal and Correctional Institution



The Human Resources and Development Department at Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) hosted a visiting delegation from the Dubai Penal and Correctional Institution to brief RTA’s employees on various services provided to all male and female inmates, and showcase the key products and handicrafts made and exhibited by inmates in various events including exhibitions and joint meetings with community entities across the UAE.

Ahmed Mahboob, Director of RTA Customer Service, said, “Cooperation and communication with various community entities is an integral part of the Department’s community initiatives carried out throughout the year to achieve the desired objectives of introducing all male & female employees to other people’s achievements and seeking to share expertise & skills that contribute to the enhancement of jobs and performance.”

During the induction meeting with RTA’s staff, Major Suaad Yousef, Director of Dubai Women Prison, made a visual presentation outlining the emergence of prisons in the Emirate of Dubai highlighting their evolution from Fahidi Fort through Naif Fort and Dubai Old Prison at Jumeirah to the New Prison at Al Awir, to which the Dubai Police General Headquarters had paid special attention to fit it with modern technologies compatible with the advanced theories of penology.

She pointed out that the basic Vision of the Penal and Correctional Institution aimed to make it the most appropriate place for correction and rehabilitation offering inmates the best treatment possible. This is particularly relevant as the Institution’s Mission seeks to rehabilitate and qualify inmates to enable them lead a better life in the community after being released and reduce the possibility of recurrent imprisonment.

The Director of Dubai Women Prison pointed out to the role played by the Dubai Public Administration of Penal and Correctional Institutions in offering due care to inmates through providing their daily living requirements as well as health, social and psychological care besides offering educational and rehabilitative care for the children of the inmates.

As regards the best practices and successful experiences that the Dubai Public Administration of Penal and Correctional Institutions opted to introduce, is the memorization of the Holy Quran in collaboration with the Dubai Holy Quran Memorization Award, Humanitarian Services Committee Program, Smart Card Program, and Inmate Vocational Training Program by conducting multi-courses such as fire fighting, auto mechanics, electrical extensions, electronic ACs, retail sector, carpentry, sewing, blacksmithing and upholstery. It also developed inmates’ internal television network’s project, “Inmate Channel” which aims to provide inmates with guiding and recreational programs, develop the culture & concept of good behavior, observe laws & regulations, instill the cultural thoughts in inmates and urge inmates to produce programs to capitalize on their experiences and skills.

The induction gathering was accompanied by an exhibition for the inmates of the Dubai Penal and Correctional Institutions comprising all handworks and handicrafts which are mostly inspired by the UAE heritage such as incense burners, money collectors, boxes, and children & park chairs among other handworks and artifacts.

The exhibition also included a campaign to collect used books in all languages for the benefit of inmates of Penal and Correctional Institution in Dubai.