Roads and Transport Authority spreads traffic awareness among blind students



In the first week of last April, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), started the distribution of an educative leaflet among visually impaired students, written in Braille language.

RTA“The traffic awareness plans envisioned for this year target new community segments, including the disabled, and the Traffic & Roads Agency designed awareness programs tailored to suit the hearing & visually impaired persons. Throughout the school year, we have been working on raising the awareness of school students and managed over the last couple of years to achieve good results in raising the traffic safety levels among students, and schools were free from fatal traffic accidents during that period,” said Maitha.

“Since the start of the current academic year, the Agency has been keen on delivering the awareness message to all school students. For this end we have printed an awareness leaflet entitled “School Safety” in both English and Arabic languages and distributed them to students. At a later stage we printed the leaflet in Braille language and distributed to as much as 40 blind students across Dubai,” stated Maitha.

The Executive Director of Traffic and Roads Agency continued, “The brochure included awareness messages oriented to blind students focusing on school bus, dangerous spots around the bus, and road crossing in addition to safety tips to be observed when going to school on foot, bicycle or with a parent in a private vehicle.”

“The promotion of traffic awareness-raising events among students with disabilities is based on holding open lectures for blind students during which an awareness bulletin is distributed, and the leaflet will be read on the school radio during the morning assembly by a blind student. Such events are broadly welcomed and accepted among the blind students,” she added.

The Traffic and Roads Agency had launched a traffic awareness program for the disabled last February in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Social Affairs and Tamkeen Centre who contributed to the preparation of the awareness-raising leaflet in Braille Language.

Braille is a method that enables the blind to read through the fingers devised by the Frenchman Louis Braille, who began using it in 1836.