RTA 16th Online Auction


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Licensing Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), is offering around 201 distinguished licensing plates comprising J, M and K codes under the 16th Online Auction; which kicks off today and rolls on for three days.

“Online auctions are hugely popular and attract a wide spectrum of community segments as they offer bidders the full liberty to select their fancied numbers in a hassle-free and transparent environment,” said Mohammed Abdul Kareem Nimat, Director of RTA Vehicles Licensing. “These auctions contribute to boosting the e-services offered by the Licensing Agency; which in turn helps improve the quality of transaction processing,” he continued.

“Each online auction has a peculiar taste making distinguishing it from other editions in terms of numbers offered to satisfy the needs & expectations of community members who are interested in acquiring distinctive plates for their vehicles. The current auction promises to be widely popular as it comprises a host of distinguished four and five-digit plates,” added Nimaat.

Explaining the process of taking part in the Auction, Mohammed Abdullah Al Ali, Manager of IT Team, RTA Licensing Agency, said: “Registration in the Auction is open through different communication channels including RTA portal (www.rta.ae), or visiting any of RTA Customer Service Centres in Dubai to seek assistance from staff in completing the registration process and accordingly take part in the Auction.

“Each participant is required to deposit AED5,000  (five thousand Dirham) before starting the bidding process; which is payable either through credit card, cheque addressed to the Roads & Transport Authority, or cash payment. The Dep’t is committed to refunding deposited amounts to respective customers once the auction is ended and in the same way such amounts were deposited,” he explained.

It is worth-mentioning that the Licensing Agency has deployed a work team from RTA Call Center and furnished it with a comprehensive set of data and knowledge about the Auction to empower them to provide correct answers to the queries of the public about the participation in the Auction or payment, and they are reachable by dialling 800 9090. More info