RTA accomplishes Real Time Passenger Information monitors project


Source:  www.rta.ae

Adel Mohammed Shakri, Director of Transportation Systems, RTA Public Transport Agency, said: “This project is part of RTA’s efforts to enhance the Smart Dubai initiative, and acts as an additional new channel for providing information about bus arrival and departure timetables,” adding that such a service is in use in some European countries and the USA, but saw its debut in the Middle East in Dubai in 2009.

“Accomplishing the project matches the quantum shift made in mass transit services; which is prioritized by the RTA in a bid to turn its vision of providing safe and smooth and transport for all into a reality, and delivering best-in-class services to public bus riders and customers. Besides that such a service will boost the caliber of RTA services to measure up to the expectations of the Dubai Government and the excellence drive in hand,” he explained.

Detailing the breakdown of screens installed at various locations, Sharkri said: “94 screens have been mounted at 37 locations in the Red and Green Lines of the Dubai Metro, 83 screens have been installed in 14 locations at bus stations, 399 screens have been installed in all air-conditioned bus shelters all over the Emirate, and 42 screens have been installed in 11 locations selected for providing the service such as shopping centers.

Explaining the technical aspects, Sharkri, said: “The system in use has been tailor-made for the RTA and is compatible with the SIRI system which provides remote satellite link between bus locations and the expected bus arrival, besides providing speedy update of passengers information on display.

“This sort of services reflects the huge attention and care accorded by the RTA to customers. The time factor is very critical for public transport users, thus providing to them timely information about bus arrival and departure enables them to better plan their time and manage their affairs; which in turn adds to the reliance of most community segments on public transport modes in their daily mobility. Moreover, the information provided by the real-time passenger information screen about bus timetables will be of benefit to tourists and visitors in their domestic travels such as figuring out bus routes, departure times and arrival times. More info