RTA accomplishes six rest stops for trucks comprising 160 parking slots


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has completed the construction of six rest stops on the Emirates Road, Sheik Mohammed bin Zayed Road, and Hatta – Oman Road in implementation of its plan for providing rest stops for trucks on Dubai highways as part of its traffic safety strategy aimed at enhancing the traffic safety and easing trucks movement on those roads.

Engineer Maitha bin Udai, CEO of RTA Traffic and Roads Agency, said: “The RTA is keen on implementing the objectives of the strategic plan of traffic safety on main roads and in 2014 it completed the construction of six highway rest stops for trucks with a total capacity of 160 parking slots. According to the plan, six new rest stops will be constructed in 2015 and work is in currently underway in selecting appropriate locations for these stops.

“The locations of these stops are selected in accordance with certain criteria such as that they have to be on highways and near service centers (petrol stations) to ensure the availability of basic and handy services to drivers,” added bin Udai.

She called on all drivers to observe traffic safety regulations, avoid breaching the applicable rules, and park their vehicles at the designated places in order to contribute to realizing RTA’s vision of providing Safe and Smooth Transport for All. More info