RTA Al Masar and National Identity teams merged


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Eloquence (Husn ul-Bayan) initiative, which was launched by the Editorial Board of Al Masar Magazine and adopted by the National Identity Team of the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), has recently endorsed its training workshops schedule for 2013.

The program features 9 training workshops comprising 3 workshops on the Skill Of Writing News Articles under the theme: Let’s Contribute to the Success of our Managements, 3 training workshops specialized in the Skills of Arabic writing under the theme: For a Better Understanding of the Holy Quran, and 3 workshops dedicated to the Syntax of the Holy Quran under the theme “With the Honourable & Goodness”. The move comes in the aftermath of merging Ambassadors of Al Masar Magazine Team, which had been established three years ago, and the National Identity Team, which had been established in 2011.

The training plan developed by the Initiative is complements the original plan launched by the Initiative three years ago under which 202 students had been trained in 19 training workshops held from the start in 2009 till the end of 2012 on the skills of writing news items, Arabic writing, and grammar lessons focusing on the syntax of the Holy Quran, as it is one of the means of correctly understanding the narration of the holy Quran. The efforts of the Initiative culminated in the winning of two awards in the 1st International Conference: UAE Ideas Awards & Conference 2012 held by UAE Ideas of the Dubai Quality Group under the theme My Innovation My Talent with the aim of showcasing successful Emirati models in a bid to explore excellence horizons, and present models of successful leaders.

The Initiative won the Idea of 2012 Award in the category of the Best Innovation Enhancing the Arabic Language, and Best Innovation in Promoting the National Identity through social networking pages. Those were two awards out of the five awards on offer, and the Initiative will be aspiring to once again showcase its excellence this year through several subsidiary initiatives.

Dr. Aysha Al Busmait, Director of Marketing & Corporate Communication cum General Supervisor of Al Masar Magazine, said: “The initiative was kick started with some simple initiatives (training workshops in the skills of writing news items). It was not restricted to RTA employees but also included varsity students and summer interns. It start off by holding a training workshops on the Arabic Speaking Skills under the theme “Towards a Better Understanding of the Holy Quran”. The first workshop was held on 13-14/5/2009 and by 20/5/2012 the number of training workshops on Arabic Language Skills reached 8 in which 89 male and female employees took part.

“On 1/7/2010 the first workshop on the Art Of Writing News Items was held under the theme (Let’s Contribute to the Successes of our Managements) and by 4/10/2012 the number of general press news writing workshops reached 7 attended by 54 female & male employees.

“There was also a qualitative improvement in the training workshops as the Team rolled out a training workshop about the Syntax of the Holy Quran in an effort to assist an accurate understanding of the Quran. The event saw the participation of 16 employees and lasted for two months (July and August). The second workshop was launched early October and continued for two weeks where 11 employees took part. The first workshop has been dedicated for the syntax of Surat Al Khaf, and the second one has been dedicated for the syntax of Surat Tabarak, and the two workshops have been attended by 37 employees,” added Dr. Aysha in a concluding remark. More info