RTA and Community Development Authority explore enhancing customer services, bilateral relations


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) and the Community Development Authority in Dubai have agreed to step up their bilateral relations and improve customer services through establishing new mechanisms and opening up new communication channels to ensure continual communication between them. More specifically, Community Development Authority will attend and participate in RTA Customers Council meetings held on monthly basis in order to identify the social and service requirements of customers of both parties.

A statement to this effect was made during a meeting recently held between the two authorities at the Head Office of the Community Development Authority in the presence of Mohammed Obaid Al Mulla, RTA Board Member and Chairperson of RTA Customers Council; Dr. Aysha Al Busmait, Director of Customer Service Centers; and Mohammed Abdul Kareem Nimaat, Director of Vehicles Licensing. From the Community Development Authority attended Ahmed Al Muhairi, Executive Director of Planning and Social Development; Khalid Al Ramsi, Director of Planning & Development; and Rana Ghazi Domlege, Director of Marketing & Corporate Communication.

“All RTA agencies are keen on broadening and developing the services offered to all segments of the community such as the metro, public bus, marine transport, taxi, parking, drivers licensing, and vehicle licensing services among other vital services in this field,” said Al Mulla.

“RTA stands fully ready to lend all sorts of support to the Community Development Authority to help improve its services and continue cooperating as a strategic partner of the RTA with the aim of working out common solutions to all challenges related to the public requirements and addressing the needs of customers of both authorities including citizens, residents, visitors, tourists, business leaders and investors from all over the globe in a way befitting the reputed profile of Dubai Emirate as a premier economic, service and social center in the region,” said Al Mulla. In the meantime, he thanked the Community Development Authority for inviting RTA Customers Council to take part in this gathering, considering it a major breakthrough towards broadening the scope of mutual cooperation.

For his part Ahmed Al Muhairi, Executive Director of Planning and Social Development, Community Development Authority, stressed the importance of holding bilateral gatherings as such between various authorities and agencies of the UAE as a means of widening & boosting the scope of services delivered by these organizations to all community sectors in keeping with the phenomenal development witnessed by the UAE in general and Dubai in particular in all fields. He also commended the effective contribution of the RTA to the enhancement of the Dubai infrastructure such as roads, bridges, tunnels and public transport modes.

“We’ve also agreed with the RTA to activate the business of RTA Customers Council by inviting it to attend the peoples councils organized under the supervision of the Community Development Authority with the aim of probing the peoples’ needs and assessing the social requirements of customer in the framework of the joint efforts and continued coordination between the two authorities,’’ said Al Muhairi.

During the meeting, which included a visual presentation presented by Khalid Al Ramsi, Director of Planning & Development, Community Development Authority, about the strategic plan of the Authority, the two parties have agreed to name two coordinators from the Community Development Authority and RTA Customers Council to oversee the running of common programs & plans.