RTA and DEWA launch water rationalization campaign


Source:  www.rta.ae

Abdullah Al Mahra, Director of Administrative Services, Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector, was delighted with the cooperation between the RTA and DEWA on the grounds that they are both pioneering entities offering ongoing & basic services to Dubai residents & the business community, in line with the current upswing witnessed by the UAE in general and Dubai in particular.

Al Mahrah added, “Water plays a vital role in our daily lives, as it is one of the most essential factors in maintaining public health and environmental sustainability, which can only be achieved through the optimization of water use and the reduction of wastage of water by adopting various means to realize these lofty objectives such as diffusing awareness in this regard and  encouraging people, public & private sector employees, as well as semi-government and private companies to adopt water conservation as a daily practice & a public culture, in addition to adopting other means using scientific methods and tools capable of controlling wastage of water and accustoming people to limit the use of water to their needs.”

“Tips issued by the competent authorities such as DEWA to rationalize energy and water consumption comprise easy and simple steps but they have significant impact and guaranteed results in rationalizing these important strategic resources in order to achieve further growth in all vital sectors and at all levels,” continued Al Mahrah.

“Preservation of water resources is a collective, social, corporate and moral responsibility spanning all individuals and institutions. We must all work hand in hand to achieve high rates of rationalization of these resources by concerting efforts, and observing tips & instructions issued by the DEWA in this regard,” stated the Director of the RTA’s Administrative Services.

Al Mahra lauded the role played by DEWA in providing energy & water sources, and the unremitting efforts put by this pioneering entity in offering premium services to all spectrums of Dubai residents.

Al Mahra extended sincere thanks and gratitude to DEWA for conducting this important campaign at the RTA’s Head Office. He also commended the huge turnout of the RTA’s male & female employees and their keenness to visit DEWA wing, which was erected for this purpose in order to avail the largest possible number of male and female employees of this important initiative. More info