RTA and Dubai Municipality Launch the Unified Guide of External Advertisements


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and the Dubai Municipality have finalized the unified guide of external advertisements that addresses the standards and conditions for external promotions at the Dubai level and it is currently available for individuals and companies at the Customer Service centers at the RTA and the Dubai Municipality.

Engineer Maitha Bin Adi, CEO of Dubai Traffic and Roads Corporation at RTA, stressed that the guide is the culmination of joint work and tireless efforts of the preparation team which consists of the Authority and the Municipality that studied in the previous period of time the best international experiments and conducted vast comparisons of the distinctive advertisement procedures in around 20 countries and benefited from the accumulating experience in handling the advertisement market in Dubai that witnessed a huge lope at the recent years in terms of quality and quantity.

She also pointed out that the preparation team will meet on a regular basis to review and update the guide to cope with and compete with the best international standards in this field.

“The guide is characterized for its smoothness, clarity and uncomplicated procedures. It aims at unifying visions and technical procedures concerning the external advertisement stipulations with the multi-authorization entities for the advertisement.

The guide targets the advertising companies, the new investors, the foreign companies and agencies, employees working in the external advertising field, employees at the customer service domain at the Emirate’s level as well as the foreign delegations and municipalities,” Bin Adi explained.

She also reiterated that the guide aims at facilitating the categorization of all sorts of external advertisements for the foreign clients according to the type of advertisement, its location, the delivery of information for the users of the guide by enhancing the guide with photos, measurements, dimensions to upgrade the external advertisement industry in the Emirate with constant updating and organizing of specifications, dimensions and measurements of the external advertisement’s types and the usage of alternative energy.

Engineer Maitha Bin Adi noted that the guide aims at ensuring the best traffic safety levels in the Emirate revealing that as a Safety Matrix has been introduced to measure the level of traffic safety in terms of the advertisement’s location, the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the billboard in addition to examining the potential dangers of setting up such billboards that could lead to accidents at the suggested site.

Moreover, she mentioned that the guide took into consideration the formation of the advertisement to be in harmony with the beautiful image of roads in the Emirate pointing out that the preparation of the guide passed through a number of stages such as examining and analyzing the current status of the external advertisements, the points of weaknesses and strengths in addition to formulating a draft of the development suggestions based on the planning standards for the usage of lands and road speeds in the Emirate to be acknowledged of the best international practices.

For his part, Engineer Dawood Al Hajri, Director of Planning Department at the Dubai Municipality said that the unified guide of advertisement stressed on the need to preserve the architectural facet of Dubai and the necessity to display distinctive advertisements in accordance with the stipulations mentioned in the guide. He also mentioned that the guide has generated new investment opportunities by suggesting new sites and qualities for these billboards.

The guide also contained information and procedures of the external advertisements terminologies, the types of unauthorized advertisements, where this guide to be implemented in addition to the special requirements related to other service agencies including the nonstructural frame and the electric conductors.

He also said that the guide also mentions the removal of the erroneous advertisement practices reiterating the need of not using the buildings’ facets for any advertisement of commercial names, and it also specified a general categorization of all sorts of external advertisements as each type includes the designs of advertisements with their different shapes, determining the measurements and dimensions and the size of letters.

He also emphasized that the guide contains five new evaluation criteria mainly dividing the Emirate of Dubai in terms of the advertisement’s shape and design to a number of Digital Zones, Beach Zones, Dubai Creek Zone, Greenery Zones, Heritage Zones, and Dubai Entrance Zones.

Moreover, he referred to the introduction of new standards in accepting an advertisement billboard that are based on the advertising density relating to the number of billboards in a certain area according to the data in that Macro Density, the Visual Density or the spaces between the advertisements and the other existing standing boards in the Buffer Density.

Engineer Dawood Al Hajri mentioned that the guide included provisions of strength of decampment, durability and quality of construction materials and the ability of these the billboards to uphold from constructional aspects, method of their setting up and the backlogs. In addition to the stipulation related to the advertising content as it should contain Arabic language and the national identity, in addition to the ethical, beauty, safety and clarity elements. More info