RTA announces fabulous prizes for mass transport users to mark Public Transport Day


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has unveiled diverse activities and contests carrying rich prizes to mark the 6th Public Transport Day 2015 (on 1st November each year).

2Events along with a series of prize draws will be kicked off on 20 October until date of the event.

Dr. Yousef Al Ali, CEO of RTA’s Public Transport Agency and Head of Public Transport Day Committee said: “This year, we are keen to ensure that the events of Public Transport Day are unique and excellent. Prizes would be given to 50 winners, with 10 winners selected in each prize category. Winners would be selected from the most frequent users of RTA’s public transport means who would be identified through NOL cards.”

The first winner, who will collect 1000 points or more, will get a gold bar weighing 100 grams. The runner-up, who has to amass 750 points or more, will be rewarded with a Mac Computer. The third, who collects 500 points or more, will get an Apple Watch, the fourth winner (350 points or more) will get a headphone, and the fifth winner (250 points or more) will get a Gold NOL Card. Points will be computed at a rate of 50 points per trip. The RTA will conduct a daily draw on two gold bars, each weighing 50 grams at the metro stations starting from 20th  October up to 1st  November.

“This year’s edition will be totally different, and for the first time the RTA is inviting Government entities to nominate team representatives to take part in a contest about a specific route involving all means of public transport. Questions will be thrown to these teams who will be engaged in a variety of events en-route till arrival at the final destination.

This contest is run, thanks to the Dubai Sports Council (the Sports Organizer & Supervisor of the event). RTA has offered a cash prize for the winning team amounting AED20,000, followed by AED10,000 prize to the runner-up, and the third place finisher will get AED7,000. Winners will be honored in a ceremony on 1st November at Burj Island Downtown, Dubai. Other events & contests include a variety of outdoor sports games at Burj Plaza, and Healthy Food Festivity where participants will be given symbolic awards. A medical check-up will be offered to the public at three metro stations (Dubai Healthcare City, Airport T3, and the Union. A blood-donation campaign will also be carried out at Al Ghubaiba Station.”

“This year Public Transport Day’s events require all users of public transit means to personalize their gold and silver NOL cards by registering their card numbers via the Public Transport app on smart-phones (RTA Public Transport), or use their personalized Blue NOL Cards in order to qualify for winning various prizes during daily draws. The Public Transport Week events will include a diverse cast of week-long programs & events including a variety of sporting events. Interested participants are required to register their names online (http://rta.duplays.com). Events will be held at Al Ghubaiba Bus Station for one day only (1st of November) from 9 am to 6 pm,” said CEO of Public Transport Agency and Head of Public Transport Day Committee and.

The RTA has also unveiled the Hidden Envelopes contest (Find it. Share it. Find it) where 30 envelopes will be concealed in public transport means. A draw will be made for 10 of the most frequent users of mass transit means who capture selfies aboard public transport means and post them along with the hashtag of the event (#PTD2015). The winner will be contacted to collect the prize instantly. Public transport users who are unlucky in the Hidden Envelopes Contest can take selfies with any public transport means and post them along with the hashtag of the event (#PTD2015) to qualify for a draw for 10 winners.

Winners will get fantastic prizes such as GoPro Cameras, Beats Headphones, smart wrist watches (Fitbits), and self-balancing scooters. The public will be briefed about the locations of these envelopes on board the public transport means through RTA’s pages on social media channels.

“The Public Transport Day initiative aims at showcasing the role of the Emirate in supporting the efforts for improving the environment, achieving sustainable development, and encouraging residents to use mass transit means & improve ridership levels.

This requires raising the awareness of users about the benefits public transport, and promoting RTA’s modern mass transit means including the metro, buses and marine transit modes. The event is also intended to step up the integration of mass transit modes, and boost the pioneering role of the Emirate in general and the RTA in particular in raising the profile of public transport means,” concluded Al Ali. More info