RTA awards contract of Phase III of Dubai Water Canal costing AED802m


Source: www.rta.ae

Dubai Water Canal Project comprises the construction of a water canal linking the Dubai Creek with the Arabian Gulf extending from the Sheikh Zayed Road, passing across Al Safa Park & Jumeirah 2, and terminating at the Arabian Gulf near the southern end of the Jumeirah Beach Park. The cost of this phase amounts to AED802 million, thus bringing the total cost of the three phases of the Dubai Water Canal project to AED1.766 billion.

“Phase III of the Project, which has been awarded to Belhasa Six Construct Co, covers drilling the water canal, constructing sides of the Canal, constructing three footbridges linking the two banks of the Canal, and constructing four marine transit stations to boost the role of marine transport as a convenient and effective transit means, particularly after the completion of the construction of a number of islands in the Arabian Gulf such as The World Islands, and Jumeirah 2 Islands. Marine transit modes are expected to attract more than six million riders per annum according to the strategic marine transport plan in Dubai. The Canal will also boost the profile of Dubai as a leading destination of see cruises. Phase III also includes filling works to construct an artificial peninsula across the Jumeirah Park; which will double the length of the park beach, increase the area of the park, and offer a room for adding more recreational activities,” said Al Tayer.

Works in Phase III will start as early as June this year, and all construction works are set for completion by the end of September 2016; a timing synchronized with the completion of Phase I (started in September 2013) and Phase III (started in May 2014),” explained Al Tayer.

“Construction works of the Dubai Water Canal have been split into three contracts; the first at a cost of 580 million dirham, comprises the construction of a bridge of 8 lanes in each direction on the Sheikh Zayed Road above the course of the Canal in a way allowing free navigation round-the-clock, and the modification of lanes of impacted roads to ensure integrated traffic movement between the two shores of the Canal. About 800 meters long sector of the Sheikh Zayed Road will be impacted by this project phase, which also includes shifting the existing utility lines impacted by the route of the Canal, in addition to lighting works and water fountains on the bridge,” added RTA Chairman of the Board and Executive Director.

“Contract of Phase II of the project, costing about 384 million dirham, includes constructing bridges on Al Wasl and Jumeirah Roads across the Water Canal allowing the passage of yachts up to 8.5 meters high. It also includes the construction of a free multi-tier interchange to link the traffic movement between Al Wasl, Al Hadiqa and Al Athar Roads to ensure smooth traffic flow after the completion of the project to replace the existing light signals. The contract also includes construction of bridges linking with the proposed peninsula to the south of the Jumeirah Park, shifting utility lines via conduits passing beneath the Canal, and the providing spare ducts for services under the Canal to meet anticipated future needs,” elaborated Al Tayer. More info