RTA briefs Al Ain Municipality delegation on best practices


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Administrative Services Department, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), briefed a delegation from Al Ain Municipality, the Department of Municipal Affairs, on the best administrative services practices of all kinds addressing the requirements of all RTA employees, helping them discharge their daily duties in the best possible manner.

Ahlam Al Feel, Director of Administrative Services, RTA Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector, said, “The visit is aimed at bolstering cooperation between the RTA and Al Ain Municipality, Department of Municipal Affairs, and exchanging experiences & ideas between the two parties, as well as  strengthening bilateral relations to serve the public interest.”

“The RTA, with all agencies and sectors, is keen on shoring up bilateral relations with all government and quasi-government entities, departments and agencies, and stands  ready to put its expertise in various fields at the disposal of other parties to support the development drive witnessed by the UAE in general and Dubai in particular in various fields & sectors and at all levels,” added Al Feel.

The visiting delegation included Sheikh Mohammed Awad, Head of Archiving Unit, Urban Planning Sector, Al Ain Municipality; Sheikh Mohammed Awad Aideed, Head of Services Section, Urban Planning Sector, Al Ain Municipality, and Adhari Abdullah Al Shuwaihi, Maps Analyst, Urban Planning Sector, Al Ain Municipality.

Mohammed Al Bastaki, Head of Archiving Section at Administrative Services Department reviewed the roles and responsibilities carried out by the RTA’s Administrative Services Department. He also gave a detailed briefing on the tasks and responsibilities undertaken by the Section, and discussed the mechanism of paper archiving and sub archiving adopted by RTA Agencies and Departments, and how to store files and documents in RTA’s Central Archives located in Jebel Ali.

Al Bastaki briefed the visiting delegation on the Paper & Plastic Recycling Initiative, where paper is recycled in RTA’s Head Office in a bid to preserve the environment. The Department has provided all other RTA’s departments with recycling bins for collecting and recycling waste paper.

During the visit, the delegation was also given exposure as to how to deal with messages in the Messages System and how to archive them electronically. Afterwards, the visiting delegation headed to RTA’s Post Office to acquaint themselves with the work mechanisms and procedures in place, starting from receiving incoming correspondence, filing them within Correspondence System, receiving outgoing mail and finishing up with delivering it to the concerned bodies at the RTA.

The visit also comes as part of Al Ain Municipality’s keenness on benefiting from RTA’s experience in dealing with advanced techniques in the electronic & paper archiving of documents along with the means of storing paper-based documents in order to keep them intact for many years to come, besides familiarizing the visiting delegation with the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). More info