RTA briefs delegation from Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority about Internal Audit practices


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Internal Audit Department, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), has recently briefed a visiting delegation from Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority, about RTA’s audit practices and acquainted them with the strategic drives and core processes in place with a view to sharing expertise aimed at adopting an improved business model conforming to the highest global standards.

A meeting to this effect was held in RTA Head Office in the presence of a number of officials from both parties.

Abdulla Al Jawi, Director of RTA Internal Audit, said: “Exchanging visits between parties concerned with internal audit constitutes an immense contribution to sharing information and practices with a view to identifying the best deliverables capable of keeping pace with the ongoing developments, and adding a touch of excellence & creativity to the business concepts; which will accordingly enrich the development process.

“The Internal Audit Department is adopting a sustained improvement methodology through applying the latest technologies of the industry; which contributes to boosting the corporate governance, and assists in compiling reports about the key deliverables of tests conducted along with recommendations that help various departments meet their core operational objectives as well as RTA’s strategic objectives. The Department has a host of objectives highlighted by verifying that financial, administrative and technical activities and operations as well as projects are implemented in accordance with the approved systems & regulations, ensuring the optimal utilization of resources & assets through assessing the ingredients as well as the effectiveness of internal control, and ensuring that the information system environment has got all the controls and information security guards by observing best-in-class audit practices,” explained Al Jawi.

During the visit, a visual presentation was made focusing on the vision, mission and strategic objectives of the RTA which are being pursued through the implementation of meaningful initiatives & activities capable of reaching out to all concerned individuals in the best manner possible. The presentation also showcased the best practices of the Internal Audit Department, particularly in using technological applications capable of supporting the automation of various business processes. It also spotlighted the role of the Department in keeping abreast of various events vis-à-vis developments witnessed by internal audit profession; which is epitomized in caring for qualifying employees and affiliating them to international institutes specialized in internal audit. The session also shed light on the core audit processes along with the initiatives aimed at cementing internal audit across RTA sectors and agencies.

At the end of the gathering, the two parties engaged in discussions, exchanged ideas and responded to queries raised. The visiting delegation of Sharjah  Roads and Transport Authority commended the visit as it reflected the true spirit of cooperation and sharing expertise between various entities in the UAE in the interest of the business conduct. More info