RTA briefs delegation of Dubai Customs on e-archiving


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has recently received a visiting delegation from the Dubai Customs and briefed the visitors on the best practices adopted by RTA’s Administrative Services Dep’t, particularly in the field of e-archiving.

The step is taken in the context of exchanging expertise between public entities with the aim of enhancing the business process and improving joint services.

According to Ahlam Al-Feel, Director of RTA Administrative Services, the ongoing interaction with various community organizations contributes to sharing expertise towards achieving excellence, enhancing the business process, and realizing the best possible results. Exchanging visits has a positive bearing on the business process as it pushes the performance to the highest standards of excellence; which fits well with our drive to embrace the best techniques of conducting our business in a precise and smooth manner conforming to the highest applicable standards, she added.

“The main objective of the visit was to give the delegation an overview of the electronic archiving of documents, along with the procedures in place aligned with the best international standards, besides highlighting the techniques of keeping paper transactions in secure places in order to maintain their quality for extended years,” she commented.

During the meeting, a visual presentation was made focusing on how to handle documents via RTA’s internal messaging system as it contributes to reducing outlays on paper. An illustration of how to electronically archive documents was also made during the meeting.

Afterwards, the delegation visited RTA Post Office where it reviewed the business processes in place starting from the receipt of correspondence from external clients spanning a wide spectrum of entities and organizations across the UAE, and the entire process up to delivering them to the concerned recipients in RTA agencies and departments.

The delegation was also acquainted with the latest technologies used in the electronic archiving of documents. It also familiarized itself with the archiving path of Licensing Agency’s transactions which amounts to archiving about 70,000 papers per day covering about 6,000 transactions. The delegation attended to a thorough explanation about each archiving stage starting with the initial phase and ending up with the storage in the Central Archive stage, in addition to a diverse cast of auditing processes within the documents flowchart.

At the end of the visit, the delegation of Dubai Customs praised the visit to the RTA, citing that it reflects the close collaboration between public entities towards delivering top-class services. Such a drive, they maintain, is assisted by exchanging visits and sharing concepts contributing to the fruition of the intended objectives. More info