RTA briefs Dubai Civil Defense on protection of assets


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Assets Management Dep’t, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), has recently received a visiting delegation from the Directorate General of Civil Defence in Dubai and acquainted it with the best practices applicable by the Dep’t in protecting RTA assets & properties in line with the highest global standards.

To this effect a meeting was held in RTA Head Office in the presence of Udai Al Deesi, Director of RTA Assets, in addition to Lt Colonel Jamal bin Aadid Al Muhairi, Director of Services & Logistics; Major Firas Belhasa, Director of Technical Affairs, DG of Dubai Civil Defence, and a number of officials from both parties.

“Communicating with other community organizations is crucial for a successful business process as it contributes effectively to boosting the communication links and joint cooperation with a view to exchanging expertise and delivering classy services capable of improving the business environment. Such a drive echoes RTA’s strategic plans advocating effective cooperation with the aim of achieving excellence in the business process,” stated Al Deesi.

“During the meeting with the delegation of the Directorate General of Civil Defence in Dubai, we gave a comprehensive overview of RTA assets & properties protection system along with the work flow & future plans of the Dep’t which is endeavouring to enhance the performance & fully discharge its tasks in order to achieve ‘Assets Sustainability’. The RTA has allocated huge funds to own assets related to roads, properties, tunnels, bridges, buses, taxis, and marine transit modes, and developed plans for maintaining them over the forthcoming years,” he continued.

A detailed presentation was made during the meeting highlighting the organizational structure of the Dep’t casting light on roles & responsibilities of affiliated Sections, strategic drivers of the Dep’t, assets lifetime cycle and the future objectives of the Dep’t focusing on overhauling the system in place in order to achieve assets sustainability.

The presentation also reviewed the key pillars upon which the applicable system is based along with the mechanism of implementing & improving them and the monitoring techniques in place. It also touched on the role of committees & teams tasked with the implementation and monitoring of RTA assets system.

Al Deesi reviewed the global system Pass 55 attained by RTA as the first Middle Eastern entity to apply it in protecting assets & properties. The System is considered among the best systems worldwide as it satisfies the international specifications and standards set for the Dep’t.

He also outlined the role of monitoring reports and performance indicators in measuring the performance of corporate assets management and the need of developing policies capable of striking a balance between the current and projected performance.

Members of the visiting delegation commended this effective communication with RTA Assets Management Dep’t; which, they say, offered them exposure to the job nature of the Dep’t along with the applicability of the system which is compatible with the highest international standards. They also praised RTA efforts in attracting competent expertise in various business fields, and sticking to the highest international systems with the ultimate of objective of adding to the prosperity of Dubai Emirate.

At the end of the gathering, the work team of RTA Assets Management Dep’t accompanied the visiting delegation in a tour of RTA Projects Gallery; which has been recently opened and contains models depicting the development projects undertaken by the RTA over the past six years in various fields such as mass transit & marine transport. They lauded the substantial efforts made by the RTA to showcase the development drive seen by Dubai Emirate, and called upon all other external entities to organize such a distinctive exhibition. More info