RTA briefs Dubai Customs delegation on best practices of internal audit


Source:  www.zawya.com

The Internal Audit Department, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has recently briefed a delegation from the Audit & Risks Division, Dubai Customs on the best practices pertinent to the application of optimal electronic audit system in the RTA, featuring a cast of sophisticated programs developed to the highest international standards.

“The visit gives a good account of the co-operation and communication between government bodies in Dubai towards achieving a single objective of elevating their business conduct to the highest levels,” said Abdullah Al Jawwi, Director of RTA Internal Audit. He pointed out that the meeting aimed to acquaint the delegation with the electronic auditing system in use as regards automating the auditing processes and preparing the annual audit plan based on risks, under the overall objective of improving tasks delivery and sharing experiences.

During the meeting, a visual presentation was made highlighting RTA’s Vision, Mission, Values ​​and Strategic Goals, and shedding light on the achievements accomplished and tasks assumed by the Internal Audit Dep’t.

The meeting also discussed a number of topics including key challenges currently facing the Internal Audit Dep’t and ways to address them. In addition, RTA’s Internal Audit Dep’t team delivered a general briefing about the methodology used in auditing governance practices as regards auditing corporate governance practices.

Al Jawwi underscored the crucial role played by such benchmarking visits between various government entities at the UAE’s level as they would contribute effectively to sharing expertise & knowledge and boosting the development drive towards achieving more excellence and creativity. “This is particularly relevant as the RTA is vigorously seeking to adopt and implement the best practical & customized programs spanning all respective fields and specialties; rendering it among the distinguished government entities in Dubai. More info