RTA briefs employees on how to breathe new life into work


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Department of Commercial Transport Activities, Licensing Agency at Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has delivered an educative social lecture entitled “How to Breathe New Life into Work” as part of the diverse community-oriented initiatives that the Agency is keen to organize during the year in a bid to empower employees with techniques so that they can measure up to the diverse social & psychological challenges and accordingly ensure their job security.

Nabil Al Ali, Director of Commercial Transport Activities, RTA Licensing Agency, said, “The Agency is always keen on staging a plethora of social activities that communicate a clear-cut message to the benefit of our employees towards enhancing their knowledge about various lifelike, family and professional aspects.” He reiterated that the topic of “How to Breathe New Life into Work,” was of particular importance since it is presented by an elite panel of specialists and consultants who, each in their respective fields, raised key points capable of imparting confidence & comfort in staff members while discharging their various duties, besides contributing to upgrading work procedures, realizing the pursued objectives, and figuring out appropriate solutions. “The true wealth is the sincere cadres that make the workplace an attractive and encouraging environment for putting more efforts,” he continued. He added that the RTA had hosted His Eminence Abdul Rahman Al Mulla, from the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai to shed more light on this topic.

Al Mullah pointed out to several principles to be observed and followed at workplace, most notably heading to work with an open-minded and optimistic mind set as this will have a positive bearing on employees’ behaviour towards others. He also stressed the need to rejuvenate work practices, achieve complete proficiency in work and convert it from a daily habit to worship in order to be rewarded with good.

Al Mulla also stressed the need for employees to be self-assured as regards their career and financial future through Faith in Destiny & Fate. Employees are also required to rid of jealousy, grudge, mistrust, besides offering advice to others and easing their burdens.

It is worth mentioning that the lecture saw an overwhelming response from the audience who had the opportunity to pose questions. At the end of the lecture, Nabil Al Ali presented a certificate of appreciation to His Beatitude Abdul Rahman Al Mulla for delivering such a valuable lecture. More info

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