RTA builds road network


By MATOVU ABDALLAH TWAHA    www.gulftoday.ae

DUBAI: A miniature road network has been built in Al Aqsa School in Rashidiya to be used by neighbouring schools.

Such networks will be established in half-a-dozen other schools to involve students in traffic activities for their safety.

The initiative was launched on Monday by the Director of Traffic at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Hussain Al Banna.

The students of Al Aqsa School made a simulation of how to cross the roads. The traffic police were involved in the demonstration on their campus. It is the beginning of holding such events in schools, said Al Banna.

“We at the RTA in conjunction with the Ministry of Interior are trying to help children understand traffic safety through practical training,” he said, adding that the earlier they know about traffic discipline, the more road fatalities will reduce.

Within Al Aqsa playground is a dedicated miniature road network, full of road marks, signboards, signals and other features of traffic.

According to Al Banna, the RTA is planning to build similar miniature road networks in six different schools across the city.

“We are studying the locations currently and also waiting for the feedback on this programme. Based on this we will launch similar programmes at different locations. We are looking for schools which have huge spaces and which are central in location so that other schools in the neighbourhood can come and benefit from the project.” More info