RTA celebrate 41st National Day


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is bracing up for the 41st National Day celebrations through preparing a package of events reflecting the Spirit of the Union on this glorious day out of its keen attention to take an active role in this national extravaganza.

“The RTA has got in stock an array of events & activities befitting the glamour of this historical day, clearly depicting our sense of belonging to our beloved nation and the pride we take in our heritage and national identity,” said Dr. Aysha Al Busmait, Director of RTA Marketing & Corporate Communication, Head of National Identity Team and General Supervisor of Al Masar Magazine,” she stated.

“This date always remains etched in our hearts & minds, and a guide to our past, present and future. It is a date dotted by sweat and blood of our ancestors and forbearers in the course of their endeavours to enable us harvest the fruits of their cultivation. Therefore, whatever we make, we will not be able to give back, even a tiny share, of the overwhelming deeds endowed to us by our nation.

“Events include Arabic calligraphy show organized by RTA National Identity Team and a lecture about the Spirit of the Union to be delivered by Dr. Amal Belhol, Psychological Advisor of Watani Program,,, A number of agencies and sectors will take part in this festivity including the Traffic & Roads Agency which will stage a show for selling the Federation Tree seedlings in coordination with the Desert Oasis, together with a national song performed by students of a secondary school. The Rail Agency will host a heritage show featuring Teela and Nashaaba games where some of the elderly will be invited to take part. The Licensing Agency will perform spots entitled Al Matwa’aa and another one dubbed Ad Break. The Customers Service, Administrative Services and Human Resources departments will deliver a package of heritage-inspired events depicting the national identity and the spirit of the Emirates.

“Employees of the Dubai Taxi Corporation will arrange a bazaar for its employees who are running commercial activities comprising seven kiosks, each bearing a name of one of the seven Emirates. 41 taxicabs will be fitted to display antique images of the Emirates along with a portrait comprising images of cabbies & employees in a shape of a taxicab.

“The participation of RTA National Identity Team in the National Day celebrations is featured by capitalization on several aspects of the Immortal Language Poem of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. Such an opportunity could not be relinquished as it sets a solid base from which the Team drew a strong support. It featured an exhaustive reading of the Poem in seven issues of Al Masar Magazine such that it remains in the focus of a wide spectrum of community members before referring it to a Gallery Wall decorating the wall paintings in the ground floor of RTA Head Office.

“The Team also printed the Poem in deluxe frames and presented it to 100 top personalities in Dubai in a bid to realize the very objective of making it always a prominent place reminding the people that the language of the holy Quran is privileged by the support of a high-profile personality. Accordingly, there was no wonder that the Poem is kept in a prime position in Customers Service Centers, CEOs and Directors of public departments in Dubai among other places that decorated its frontage with this Poem,” she elaborated.

The Book entitled: “The Immortal Language, A Prestige, Dignity and Enhancement of the National Identity” published by the Team, in cooperation with the Editorial Board of Al Masar Magazine, was printed in a fine quality paper, giving an added dimension to the importance of the Poem in supporting the efforts of the National Identity efforts.

“Since the Team was established by a decision and support of H.E. Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the RTA, it has exerted its best efforts to shoulder its responsibility, realize its mission and deliver on its promise to revive our obliterated national identity, conserve our key principles, promote the national feeling among the public, and revitalize the icons of the national identity in the conscience of people considering it a fabulous lifestyle rather than just events and festivities.

“From inception, the Team members, each in his or her respective specialty & skill, started exploring potentials of realizing their objectives with the full support of all RTA staff. An opportunity that cannot be missed loomed in the horizon offering the Team a chance to culminate its efforts and a path to a sensational success, when the eloquent poet HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, wrote his superb poem: The Immortal Language; which charted the path to glory, prestige and eloquence to be emulated.

“Al Masar Magazine’s Editorial Board viewed the poem of “The Immortal Language” as a true testament to the validity of RTA national drive. The National Identity Team capitalized on the poem in a way that strengthened its standing and raised its profile as it penetrated deep into the inner meanings of the poem. The Magazines’ Editorial Board embarked upon exploring the poem with determination and resolution, and had top recourse to high degrees of comprehension and deduction skills to dive deep in the poem and get the best of it. The poem was published over seven issues starting from Issue No. 48 to No. 54, where the verses of the poem were thoroughly explained so that the poem gets closer to the hearts of readers, who were fascinated by its meanings and exhilarated by its melodies, and revived much of what they nearly lost, in the midst of life hardships,” she added. She stressed that the great success achieved by Al Masar Magazine by publishing (The Immortal Language) analysis was a great incentive to collect what was published over seven issues in this booklet, which included views of many specialists who had found in the poem their long-desired objectives of pride, dignity and grandeur. The deluxe edition of booklet was published to mark the UAE 41st National Day celebrations, and satisfy the desire of those who wish to read the poem with a view to exploring its the majesty of its eloquence,” she added.

“The National Identity Team, in collaboration with Al Masar Magazine’s Editorial Board took the initiative to capitalize on the this mega national occasion to organize Al Masar Exhibition to ensure accurate documentation of what was issued by Al Masar Magazine over the past two years in the field of national identity. The Team also launched a campaign to decorate vehicles safety belts in a bid to create a link between patriotism and security, thus helping drivers to embrace the idea of a beautiful safety belt decorated with the colors of the UAE flag.

Al Busmait said that the Team also launched “Long Live my Country” campaign through the mass media, where members of the public would automatically participate by sending their personal photos to be part of the Federation Slogan shown on electronic board. The Team broadcasted a week-long radio programs through Noor Dubai Channel to familiarize the public with some common proverbs, in addition to a short movie of 45 seconds through Sama Dubai TV to stress the importance of preserving the UAE Flag. On this glorious national occasion, the Team prepared a special edition with a flag protocol and dedicated it to various government and educational institutions in Dubai to spread the proper culture of using the flag. More info