RTA celebrates 42nd National Day in style


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has launched a bundle of events & heritage activities depicting the spirit of the union in celebration of the 42nd National Day in a way reflecting the keenness of employees to have a collective participation in this national extravaganza which is kept in high regard with the leaders, peoples and residents of the UAE.

Nasir Hamad Bu Shehab, Director of Strategic Planning cum Head of the National Identity Team of the RTA, said: “The RTA has launched a wide spectrum of distinctive events & activities befitting the spirit of this great historical occasion for the UAE reflecting the true loyalty to the nation and the pride we take in its heritage and identity. In this context, celebrations made by all entities across the UAE are viewed as a typical symbol of giving back to this beloved nation and a complement to the unionist drive founded by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and all our leaders who spare no effort in realizing the means of decent living to all of those who live on the soil of this caring land.

“Various RTA agencies, sectors and departments were keen on staging an assorted number of new events in celebration of the 42nd National Day with the Head Office of the RTA witnessed a workshop entitled “The Spirit of the Union” featuring participation of about 100 employees who knitted the UAE flag, and the annual Bazar held to promote the products of RTA employees and showcase their skills and creativity in managing diverse private projects epitomizing an innovative approach to making handicrafts which have immense contribution to promoting the entrepreneurship spirit amongst employees, and prompting them to turn their aspirations into a reality on the ground open to future improvements. Events portfolio also included the launch of Hadiyya (Gift) program earmarked for social events of employees,” added Bu Shehab.

There was also a photo corner inspired by a heritage atmosphere along with a visual presentation entitled: Our Beloved Nation narrating the achievements made by the UAE since the establishment of the Federation, in addition to a host of spectacular performances made by popular bands such as Ayyalah, and Yolah, and kids’ corner themed by patriotic sceneries providing edutainment games about the Union with giveaway items for kids and employees as well.

The cast of events also included sniffer dogs, classic cars, mounted police, air show, falcon gallery, military & supreme popular drawings, popular games “Altomina”, UAE wedding, collection of massive pieces of Puzzle to form a map of the UAE, and a library including books about the National Day and stages of the Union.

In a related development, the Dubai Taxi Corporation also held a number of unique events through organizing a traditional fair in a form of a traditional coffee shop offering diverse food items, bazar for selling different local and tradition products, and a fair for selling the products of inmates.

The Head of UAE National Identity noted that external events held at RTA customer service centers included decorating RTA centers, offering diverse traditional cuisines and the distribution of Nol cards to the visiting public. “Officials at the metro stations as well as marine and bus stations distributed assorted special gift items to visitors, and screens of the metro carriages displayed a movie about the UAE National Day. Patriotic songs were played at stations, and congratulatory messages were displayed on the screens of ticket selling machines at the metro stations.

Events of the 42nd National Day also included a visual material about the correct use of the flag displayed by the Dubai Tv, winter type head covers along with national flags were distributed to workers at external road project sites, and safety guidance leaflets were distributed to passengers at bus stops.

Meanwhile, Al Masar magazine of the RTA also published the second edition of the Eternal Language Book coinciding with the national day celebrations featuring elucidation of the Eternal Poem of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, in which he glorified the language of the Quran, and called for upholding its legacy. More info

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