RTA celebrates first graduates of its nursery


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Human Resources & Development Department, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), has recently celebrated the first batch of graduates of My Child Nursery; the first nursery established by the RTA for children of its female employees out of its corporate responsibility towards its female staff. The Nursery, which was opened in RTA Head Office in September 2010, spans an area more than 500 square meters.

The ceremony was opened by the CEO of Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector Yousef Al Rida in a speech in which he welcomed the children of the Nursery and their mothers who are RTA employees. He praised the efforts of the Human Resources & Development Dep’t represented in the work team supervising the Nursery, who are making every effort to ensure the comfort of the children, instill various skills in them during the academic year, and promote their mental & physical abilities through continuous events held for this purpose.

The Director of Human Resources & Development Kawther Kazim reported that the Nursery accommodated 40 male & female children ranging from infants up to 4 years of age. “16 children are now qualified to pursue higher educational level after taking all measures & procedures to ensure the safety of children and protect them from various risks to which they are exposed at this age level,” she said.

“Nursing of children is carried out in a scientific method oriented towards promoting their physical & moral abilities & skills giving due attention to the health environment considerations befitting their age levels in order to provide maximum opportunity for staging diverse activities in support of physical, intellectual of and social aspects.

“The Nursery is fitted with all service facilities needed by children with a view to nurturing a beautiful and suitable environment for children. It also offers them full freedom of practicing diverse activities, especially between (3-4) years. The timing of the Nursery is synchronized with RTA official working hours i.e. from (7.00) am to (3.00) pm.

“The Nursery comprises a host of educational activities including key principles such as providing a safe environment to assist the children and detect their acceptance of the move from family home to the Nursery, addressing the latent abilities of children and their aptitude to explore & learn, acquiring a variety of skills through dealing with the environment & individuals around, adopting clear and easy-to-use monitoring & assessment system, and identifying areas of improvement of the educational environment of children.

“The diverse activities & programs also aim to integrate the children in the new environment, instill in them the psychological & physical safety, and promote their self-confidence, emotions and desire to explore new things seen by the children. These activities seek to enhance children’s interaction with all of these matters in their new surroundings, promote their ability to express themselves through speech or signal, and boost their communication with others,” said Kawther in a final remark.