RTA claims high positions in Arabian Ideas Award


Source:  www.rta.ae

Dr. Yousef Al Ali, CEO of the RTA Public Transport Agency, said, “The RTA boasts of distinguished professional cadres with a high sense of belonging and responsibility, which creates an environment conducive to creative ideas in the best interest of the RTA and its impeccable reputation when participating in any local, regional and even international contests.

By participating in the Arabian Ideas Award, we do not only aim at winning accolades in the contest but also showcasing and sharing our initiatives in the interest of the local community, besides casting light on our ultimate objective of showcasing the creative works of our employees, departments and agencies.”

Dr. Yousef Al Ali has presented a detailed briefing on RTA’s ideas, which won advanced positions in the Arabian Ideas Award, saying, “The Maintenance and Services Department at the Public Transport Agency, finished second in the Environment Category for the project of the Green Bus which is powered by biofuels containing 5% of recycled edible oils and 95% of diesel. The idea was initially attempted in one bus in 2012 and then implemented in 10 buses in 2013 after signing an agreement between the Public Transport Agency and S S Lootah Company. The idea contributed to minimizing buses carbon footprint by more than 30%.”

“The Bus Department at RTA Public Transport Agency came second in the Health and Safety category for the Bus Accident Investigation Mechanisms Development Project (AIDA 50). This initiative is associated with RTA’s goals to reduce accidents by 50% by integrating technical systems for investigating bus accidents, identifying the underlying root causes of these accidents, and taking corrective actions & preventive measures to curb them.

This has achieved several remarkable outcomes between the start of the implementation of the initiative in 2010 and 2013 including reducing accident rates from 1.22 to 0.52 per each 100,000 km, curbing death rate from 0.7 to zero accidents per billion kilometers, reducing the time spent in handling accidents from 10 thousand to 5 thousand hours, reducing the number of shortcut journeys due to accidents from 1623 in 2011 to 959 in 2013, and minimizing carbon emissions from 376.3 to 149.5 tons,” explained CEO of the RTA Public Transport Agency.

Concerning the financial aspects, Dr. Al Ali said, “The Transportation Systems Department at Public Transport Agency has finished third in the Financial Efficiency category ‘Cost Calculation Initiative Project,’ under the Bus Operation Automated Cost Calculation System ‘Takamul’ used for assessing the cost of bus operations.

This System aims at linking various technological systems to a single centralized system for calculating the cost elements and revenue of bus operation, issuing performance indicators associated with these elements, and the automated issuance of financial reports. The System calculates the direct & indirect costs and revenues of nearly 46 elements related to buses operation.” More info