RTA controls movement of buses


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) is keen on using cutting-edge technology in controlling & managing the movement of its mass transit systems, including public buses which are plying the roads of the Emirate taking on board massive numbers of public transport commuters in Dubai.

In keeping with its endeavours to offer sophisticated services to mass transit users in Dubai Emirate, the Public Transport Agency has been focused on using integrated solutions of intelligent systems including the Automated Vehicle Management (AVM) system; which links the internal routes of the Emirate as well as the Inter-City service routes; and exhibited it in Gitex Technology Week 2012.

Adel Shakeri, Director of Transportation Systems, RTA Public Transport Agency, said: “The AVM system monitors the efficiency and performance of public buses in operation deployed on internal routes in Dubai, as well as those linking Dubai Emirate with other Emirates, and monitors their movement via sophisticated satellite-linked navigational systems connected with the Bus Control Center which is running 24/7 to provide full support to buses manned by a host of Emiratis cadres.

“The AVM system plays a pivotal role in transforming the planned trips timetables into realistic schedules meeting the needs of public bus commuters. Statistics recorded by the system for the period 2009 -2011 indicate that bus adherence to timetables rocketed from 16% to 80.5%, and the number of cancelled trips plummeted from 13% to 0.8%, which resulted in a drastic fall in the number of complaints filed by customers from 500 to only 4 complaints per month. It also contributed to reducing the number of kilometers done by 4 million km per month; which resulted in a reduction in environmental pollution in Dubai Emirate,” added Shakiri.

“Each bus is being tracked to verify its on-time operation, and if it happens that a bus is one minute ahead of schedule, the driver will receive a text message informing him accordingly. The system also offers 3 communication channels with the driver: the voice communication, text messages and emergency contact. The system makes it easier for the driver as it displays on the driver’s monitor the scheduled trip route rendering it easy for the driver to remember his route. The system plays a crucial role in interfacing with other systems such as Nol Card system, and the RTPI system featuring 114 monitors deployed in the metro stations, public bus stations and several spots around Dubai,” added the Director of Transportation Systems.

It is worth-mentioning that the intelligent systems used by Public Transport Agency are usually subjected to a trial run period that lasts for several months through which the points of strength and weakness of the system will be identified in order to develop the best means of improving the performance level. More info