RTA Customers Council discusses enhanced e-services


Source:  www.rta.ae

In its 14th gathering held recently, the Customers Council of the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) discussed several topics and aspirations in common between the Corporate Technical Support Services Sector and the strategic partners in the Dubai e-Government with the aim of upgrading the level of e-services in offer. The meeting was chaired by RTA CEO and Chairperson of Customers Council Mohammed Obaid Al Mulla in the presence of the CEO of RTA Corporate Technical Support Services Sector Abdullah Al Madani as well as members of Customer Council and representatives of the Dubai e-Government.

In the outset of the gathering, Al Mulla praised the ongoing communication with the community organizations in Dubai which, he says, is capable of realizing the common objectives of boosting and upgrading RTA e-services. He underscored the expeditious efforts made by the RTA towards improving the level of services delivered to customers and clients at the best standards applicable at various industries across the globe.

“Through this gathering we are seeking to cement our relationships and explore the means of joint cooperation between the RTA and the Dubai e-Government by heeding to your constructive views, comments and suggestions under the ultimate objective of achieving higher cooperation levels and customers satisfaction with RTA e-services,” added Al Mulla.

For his part the CEO of Corporate Technical Support Services Sector Abdullah Al Madani said: “RTA is one of the biggest users of the Dubai e-Government services platform and the number of e-services used by the public is on the rise in comparison with the past years; which reflects the extent of response met with these services. This is reflected in a number of episodes such as the text messages which clocked 24,374,859 messages, e-transactions made through the e-payment services which topped 415,655 transactions, and total revenues of the e-payment services which reached 146,582,577 dirham. According to the latest classification, the number of e-services delivered by the Dubai e-Government is as high as 154 services; which reflects a remarkable increase compared to the prevailing number in 2009.”

The gathering opened discussion with customers to screen their ideas aimed at improved e-services where customers of the Dubai e-Government asked for holding regular coordinative meetings on quarterly basis with the RTA in order to explore the potentials of improvement, exchanging views and communication. They also called for the RTA to submit its strategic plan at the beginning of each year to the Dubai e-Government in order for them to align their strategic plans with the priorities of the RTA. They also called for involving the e-Government in all the new projects of the RTA with the aim of processing and preparing the e-programs on due time and in a highly precise manner.

The gathering also submitted a number of requests intended to upgrade the level of joint e-services between the two parties which included involving the Dubai e-Government in all sophisticated services of the new GRP system of the human resources. They also called for following up the collection of the refunded amounts pertinent to faulty e-transactions with the Dubai e-Government for reasons relating to the delay of some transactions for more than 90 days. They also called for holding a coordinative meeting between the Dubai e-Government, the Central Bank and the RTA in order to establish an e-link of programs with the Central Bank with the aim of minimizing the collection and refund period in case of using credit cards inside or outside the UAE. A suggestion was also tabled highlighting the importance of merging the online collection services with the Dubai e-Government.

Al Mulla further added that the gathering stressed the importance of having close follow-up with the Dubai e-Government in order to sign off the long-running outstanding issue of upgrading the recharging of Salik and Nol cards through holding meetings between the Dubai e-Government and RTA Automated Fare Collection Dep’t with the aim of providing full explanation about all the new and enhanced services in preparation for the launch of these e-programs during the third quarter of this year.