RTA Customers Council explores with Nol card users improvement of various card services


Source:  www.ameinfo.com

In its 24th session with clients of the Corporate Technical Support Services Sector, and Nol cards users, the Customers Council of the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has discussed core issues related to the optimum use of various types of Nol cards with the aim of probing views, suggestions and constructive concepts of the largest possible chunk of the public about the improvement of performance and mechanism of Nol cards.

The gathering was chaired by RTA CEO, Board Member and Chairman of Customers Council Mohammed Obaid Al Mulla in the presence of the CEO of Technical Support Services Sector Abdullah Al Madani, Director of Unified Automated Fare Collection Mohammed Al Mudharreb, Director of Customers Service Ahmed Mahboob, and Director of Administrative Services Nabil Al Ali.

At the outset of the meeting, Mohammed Obaid Al Mulla commended the efforts of all community organizations and their continued support to the endeavours aimed at working out solutions & programs capable of improving RTA services to bring them at par with the global standards applicable in these specialist fields. He stated that the Council acted as a bridge linking customers with all RTA officials and communicating their different views & suggestions with a view to sorting out appropriate solutions.

The CEO of Corporate Support Services Sector Abdullah Al Madani, reviewed the core information about Nol cards along with the penalties imposed on violators, be it due to the lack of fare payment or lack of sufficient funds in the card in addition to other offences made on board such as eating, drinking, and wrong seating among others. RTA runs an educative footage throughout the journey on the metro screens displaying all prohibited things on board such that passengers can avoid them and accordingly any subsequent offences.

A video presentation was shown to the attendants highlighting RTA services and various channels of communication with customers, either through direct contact on the toll-free number 8009090, RTA website, Customer Service Centers in Dubai and other electronic communication means. It also made a brief account about Customer Relations Management (CRM), and procedures adopted by Customers Service Department in addressing complaints and suggestions of customers.

Hussain Al Musawi, Manager of Unified Fare Card Section, made a visual presentation about the types of Nol cards (gold, silver, blue and red) and different uses focusing on Nol blue card and its types including the standard one and those designed for the exclusive use of students, seniors and a specific category of special need persons along with the associated key electronic services. He also reviewed the loyalty & rewards program; which will be unleashed in the near future, and stressed the importance of establishing communication with customers, screening their views, and probing their needs & expectations in order to reflect them on the designing & application of programs. The Program enables customers to earn loyalty points upon using Nol cards in public transport and top-ups, and swap points for several rewards offered by the RTA or distinguished partners.

Afterwards, RTA officials engaged in discussions with customers of Corporate Technical Support Services Sector to probe their views and have their feedbacks about the best procedures aimed at improving the performance level. A customer suggested the possibility of issuing a Nol blue card fitted with the same features of the Gold car and the possibility of using it in the metro Gold Cabin, besides offering discounts to students holders of the card upon the use of the Water Bus and paid parking zones. The suggestion also called for increasing e-services channels of the Blue card and compiling a well-defined study about the possibility of combining the points earned from Nol Blue card usage with the Skywards Program of Emirates Airlines.

Another customer made a suggestion about the use of Nol card in Dubai Taxi and the need of providing top-up machines at bus stations likewise the metro stations, particularly in the key stations such as Al Qouz Station and Dubai Investments Station. A solution was called for Gold card holders who find no vacant seats in the Gold Cabin by enabling them complete their journey on the Silver Cabin through installing a device inside the Gold Cabin of the Metro likewise the one in buses. A further solution was solicited for on board bus inspectors who pass through passengers to inspect their tickets such that this procedure is made after the bus starts the journey and not before that as the current procedure causes about 5 minutes delay in the start of the journey.

A suggestion was made to appoint staff capable of speaking Arabic as well as English in the stations busy with visitors from GCC or other Arab countries such as Mall of the Emirates station where most of these visitors experience difficulties in communicating with the metro staff who only speak English. Another suggestion was made for raising the awareness of various employees at the metro stations about Nol cards and their different types such that they will be able to quickly respond to inquiries raised by clients and the public without hesitation. They also need to acquire rich knowledge about Nol blue card along with its e-service and how to recharge it. The metro staff on board have also got to be educated and empowered to communicate with passengers, attend to their inquiries & requests for assistance, and take prompt action towards finding seats for seniors, pregnant women or special need children.

During the gathering, all suggestions made by customers were responded to by RTA officials who promised to give due consideration to all opinions and proposals made and discuss them with the respective work teams in order to figure out appropriate solutions capable of winning the satisfaction of Nol card users, and accordingly motivate the larger possible community segment to use the public transport means and make the metro the prime mobility mode across Dubai Emirate.

At the end of the gathering, Abdullah Al Madani announced a pleasant surprise offering all external customers in attendance complimentary special edition of Nol Gold / Silver cards issued to commemorate the opening of the Green Line to encourage them use the public transport means and motivate other customers to use them.