RTA delivers educative lecture about domestic risks


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Commercial Transport Activities Dep’t at the Licensing Agency, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), in cooperation with Dubai Civil Defence, held a lecture entitled, “The Risks of Gas and Electric Shock.” The lecture was delivered in the context of the community initiatives that the Agency has always been keen to organize in an effort to foster knowledge transfer among RTA employees and protect them from general hazards.

The lecture, which was held in the Auditorium at RTA’s Head Office, was attended by Sultan Al Ketbi, Director of Commercial Transport Activities in addition to scores of RTA employees.

Speaking on the event, Al Ketbi said, “The lecture represents an integral part of the awareness plan of the Dep’t that addresses various aspects spotlighting the unsafe uses of gas along with the associated dangers. It also touched on the key protective measures and electric shock, including its implications & causes, and how to guard against fires induced by short circuits.”

“Such topics are of great importance since homes are witnessing a rising number of electric and gas related incidents during summer season. This prompted us to organize a lecture covering a diverse cast of topics in the same field in order to transfer the sound information and health tips to all RTA employees,” said Al Ketbi.

The lecture was presented by Mohammad Al Hadi Abu Al Faraj, from the Civil Protection Department at the Department of Civil Defence in Dubai. The lecturer highlighted three basic themes starting with the risks of gas, and how to get gas supplies, be it through centralized distribution or home-delivered gas cylinders. He pointed out that the insecure use of gas could pose many dangers such as suffocation, fire and explosion.

Abu Al Faraj also touched on electric shocks caused by the passage of electric current through the human body, resulting in various traumas. He also explained its implications, severity, triggers, and the personal & technical precautions to be taken to avoid such mishaps by staying clear of unsafe practices and observing extra caution when dealing with the electric current.

In the third theme of the lecture, Abu Al Faraj tackled the fire triggered by short circuit and its causes, sparked off by overload, especially electric cables, electric arc, ground connections, or overheating of electric lights.

The dangers of fire, he said, “require a variety of preventive measures such as that the risk of overloading can be avoided by gearing the number of electrical outlets in each room to the number of electrical appliances, and avoiding leaving appliances plugged for extended periods, and giving due consideration to poor electrical fixtures which is consider a risk factor.”

As regards the protection against the risk of the electric arc, Abu Al Faraj, said, “Attention should be paid to ground connections to ensure that no external wires are added, all electrical appliances, equipment and plugs are of good quality & flawless and experienced staff are hired when it comes to installation.” More info