RTA delivers lecture about First Aid


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Human Resources & Development Department, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) is has recently held a training course along with workshops for about 74 male and female employees of various RTA agencies & sectors entitled: First Aid for Cardiac Rehabilitation, as per the British model.

The Course, which was held in cooperation with the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, lasted for one month.

Kawther Kazim, Director of Human Resources & Development, RTA Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector, said: “The Dep’t is always keen on holding a number of key training courses for employees in a bid to furnish them with proper knowledge and disseminate the occupational awareness & safety among them. First Aid is one of the crucial issues that community members need to address and know more details about. Each individual is required to grasp the basics of First Aid and how to cope with victims in emergency cases such as the cardiac rehabilitation, be it in the workplace or otherwise.

“Employees of each organizational unit of the RTA have undergone training by specialists from the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services in accordance with the approved British model, and after clearing the course, they have been awarded with Saver Permits qualifying them to practice the cardiac rehabilitation in emergency situations for three years. First Aid kit boxes have also been provided for each organizational unit,” she continued.

During the workshop, one of the trainees gave a short briefing about the basic techniques of the cardiac rehabilitation and explained the importance of this procedure in saving the life of the victim besides easing the sufferings experienced. He cited that the basic rules of First Aid, namely: Rapid assessment of the situation through identifying the extent of the attack and the required aids, recovering the victim from sliding into complex situations, examining breathing and heart pulse, besides encouraging, soothing and gently dealing with the patient.

A detailed explanation was made about the cardiac rehabilitation process and how to carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation along with the correct way of pressing the rib cage in order to restore the blood circulation as a provisional measure pending the arrival of competent paramedics. More info