RTA develops smart serve to ease registration of plates of other Emirates in Dubai public parking


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched a super initiative updating its Smart Parking app, which has recently been launched as part of other smart apps, with the aim of easing the registration of vehicle plates issued by other Emirates in the payment of the parking fees service in the Emirate of Dubai via the mobile phone after installing RTA Smart Parking app from Apple Store or Google Play platforms.

Engineer Maitha bin Udai, CEO of Traffic and Roads Agency, said: “Introducing this smart service is part of our commitment to raise the satisfaction of public parking users in the Emirate, as this service will save their time and effort thanks to using the e-Purse of the Smart Service independently from telecommunication service  providers; which ensures avoiding any service disruption. Thus the new service comes free of additional charges i.e. saving an additional fee of 30 fils per transaction, which will surely reduce the number of complaints arising sometimes from the discrepancy between the data recorded in the central system and the data related to the fine due since number plates bear codes which are different from one Emirate to another.”

Highlighting the mechanism of the new smart app, Maitha added, “Cooperation has been made with the Dubai Smart Government to add a balance to the e-Purse of the smart app directly through credit cards or Dubai Smart Government’s portal (mPay). Therefore public parking users in Dubai Emirate are required to log in to the Smart App and pay the parking fees directly from the available balance without incurring additional charges such as those associated with the use of SMS. The new smart app also enables motorists using vehicles registered in other Emirates to make direct payments, without obliging them to register for the service and use nicknames, as is the case with SMS.”

Bin Udai, further added, “The Smart Parking App is one of the best smart services provided by the RTA, especially after the significant increase in the number of mParking users. This prompted us to implement this initiative to improve the mechanism of using public parking in Dubai city as part of the integrated transport systems in order to improve the customer service experience of public parking users, and raise the efficiency of using & monitoring public parking.

The service improvement initiative was based on studies targeting customers via questionnaires and customer satisfaction surveys made before the launch of the service in a bid to probe their views. Results indicated a need for such a joint smart app as it integrates the registration of plates issued by other Emirates in the parking system of the Dubai Emirate. Offering such a service echoes RTA’s goals of supporting environmental sustainability by cutting, as much as possible, the use of paper tickets generating huge amounts of waste in Dubai streets, besides providing excellent services that contribute to realizing RTA’s vision of “Safe and Smooth Transport For All.” More info