RTA devises stickers to alert motorists about novice drivers


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Drivers Licensing Department at the Licensing Agency of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has devised a new concept embodied in a “New Driver” sticker in cooperation with driving schools & centers in Dubai which have entered into an agreement with the RTA whereby these stickers will be sold to the trainee once he or she obtains the driving license.

The ultimate objective of the service is to enhance the traffic safety in Dubai on the one hand, and implement the vision of the RTA in providing safe and smooth transport for all on the other.

“We are always seeking to deliver distinctive services, initiatives and concepts that effectively contribute to achieving the highest customers satisfaction rating through caring for their road safety,” said Sultan Al Marzooki, Director of RTA Licensing. “The idea of placing of the New Driver sticker was conceived after conducting a survey among driving learners of various ages, nationalities and categories who expressed their wish to see such a sticker placed on the vehicle once they are issued with driving licenses as it is believed that such stickers would alert other motorists about them, and accordingly offer them a chance to implement what they have learned during training and familiarize with the external driving environment. The stickers will remain fixed and displayed on vehicles for a period of 6 months maximum,” he continued.

“This great idea is being applied in some countries including Japan and Australia and we have opted to apply it here in Dubai in an effort to promote the security and traffic safety on roads. Affixing such stickers onto vehicles is optional for novice drivers, and they are sold at nominal fees reflecting the costs of printing by driving institutes. The new driver may select one of two stickers; the first is an ordinary sticker to be placed on the rear glass costing 5 dirham, and the other is a magnetic sticker to be placed at the back of the vehicle costing 15 dirham. More info