RTA Distributes Iftar Meals and Awareness Leaflets for 600 Truck Drivers


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Traffic Department of RTA’s Traffic and Roads Agency launched an initiative during which it distributed Iftar meals and awareness leaflets to truck drivers at the Vegetable and Fruit Market in Dubai in cooperation with the Dubai Youth Hostel out of the Authority’s keenness to communicate with all segments of the society on all occasions and at all times.

Director of Traffic Hussain Al Banna said: “This initiative targets more than 600 truck drivers in two weeks where the meals and leaflets were distributed at the weekend. The initiative aims at gathering the virtues of this Holy Month which urge us for solidarity and cooperation and the promotion of culture of traffic safety and abidance by rules and laws amongst drivers in general and truck drivers in particular as the pace of work increases in these days of the Holy Month.”

“The awareness leaflets were given out to drivers to highlight the risks they might be exposed to during the fasting month such as exhaustion or feeling sleepy. In these cases, the driver of a vehicle should pull over and take a break before he continues his way with the necessity to keep the air conditioner functioning inside the vehicle and not to lean the driver seat to the back. It’s also preferred to stop when hearing the Maghreb Adhan (call to prayer) then to continue his way.”

Al Banna pointed out that this initiative reflects the magnificent meanings and human values that the RTA is attached to and deal with all segments of the society mainly those who have to do with its services, and it reflects as well its concern to maintain the safety of its drivers by promoting awareness on the procedures and conducts that should be carried out to safeguard their lives and the lives of road users. More info