RTA drops maximum speed limit on Dubai-Al Ain highway


By Bindu Rai  www.emirates247.com

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) for Dubai has announced a change in the speed limit on a stretch of route E66 in wake of the recent spate of accidents on the highway.

Dubai, Al Ain road. (Photo by Ahmad Ardity)

The Dubai-Al Ain Road will see its maximum speed limit drop from the current 120 kilometers per hour to 100kmph, effective April 1.

The RTA made the announcement via its official social media account on Twitter, stating further, the change in speed limit will only affect a particular stretch of the busy highway.

The authority stated: “RTA has decided to reduce the maximum speed on a sector of Dubai-Al Ain Road stretching from Emirates Road Interchange to Bu Kadrah Interchange from 120 km/h to 100 km/h starting from April 1, 2015.”

The RTA continued: “The decision to lower the speed on this sector of Dubai-Al Ain Road was driven by the need to maintain public safety and reduce accidents.” More info