RTA & Dubai Police step up coordination in traffic issues


Source:  www.rta.ae

In a meeting recently held at RTA premises, the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) reviewed with Dubai Police the means of boosting the existing bilateral cooperation in several traffic issues related to key services delivered to the public.

Engineer Maitha bin Udai, CEO of RTA Traffic & Roads Agency, headed RTA side while Major General (Engineer, Expert) H.E. Mohammad Saif Al Zafeen, Director of Dubai Police Traffic Department, headed Dubai Police side in the meeting attended by the CEO of RTA Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector Yousef Ahmed Jawad, and the CEO of RTA Licensing Agency Ahmed Hashim Bahrozyan in addition to several directors from both parties. The meeting discusses issues related to the domain of each party with a view to stepping up the cooperation in enforcing violations, curbing crashes & mortality rates, and safeguarding the integrity of traffic installations as well as enhancing their ability & efficiency in ensuring smooth traffic flow in the emirate.

Engineer Maitha said: “Boosting the existing cooperation and bilateral relations between the RTA & Dubai Police supports the partnership efforts geared towards realizing the vision of the Dubai Government and showcasing Dubai as a premier finance & business hub in the region. This drive is currently paying dividends; thanks to the sound relationships linking the government departments handling joint tasks in a way that serves their own vision and satisfy their respective clients. Such coordination also provides additional support to the existing communicative & interactive channels in the interest of the emirate, and contributes to the diversification of exchange of knowledge, expertise, corporate experiments, information and studies related to the core business and scope of each party”.

Maitha expressed her pleasure with the results concluded in the meeting in which the two parties reflected their keen attention to uplift the class of traffic services, and improve traffic safety levels. “Dubai Police is the strategic partner of the RTA and traffic issues currently being upgraded warrant continued cooperation and coordination through field cooperation and mutual gatherings & meetings to streamline and set a platform for delivering joint tasks,” added engineer Maitha who also appreciated & highlighted the efforts made by her brothers in the General HQ of Dubai Police.

“RTA sets public safety, including traffic safety, in the forefront of its priorities as it has utmost bearing on safeguarding the lives of people, including road users such as motorists and pedestrians, and protecting public properties; which are considered as public ownership. We are always ready to broaden and upgrade our relationships with strategic partners, Dubai Police included, to achieve our intended goals in this regard,” said Maitha in a concluding remark.