Smart Apps

Roads and Transport Authority is keen in getting its users to happiness level, while playing its part in transforming Dubai into a smart city. RTA has also devised vivid goals and objective in its strategy plan 2014-2018, and has made easy and instant access of its services to its users, a prime goal, via its smart applications. In addition to that, it is enhancing its apps to suit the needs of all of its users, that seeks to get all their services and transactions done via their smart phones. Below is the list of all RTA applications arranged on the basis of different user categories:

  • Driver & Car owner Services
  • Public Transport Services
  • Business & Corporate Services

Public Transport User

Public Transport

This app allows commuters using Dubai’s public transportation to save time. App features include NOL card top-up, addition and review, transaction history, and specially designed NOL cards. More


Sharekni is the RTA’s carpool management solution that helps the residents of Dubai to share rides. Sharekni provides a convenient, comfortable and easy service for both drivers and passengers within Dubai to connect with each other to share rides. More


This journey planner app is an efficient, real-time map that uses GPS-based location tools. App features allow users to view routes, stops, major landmarks and departures, and help plan journeys using metro, buses and marine transport routes. More

Driver & Car Owner

Drivers and Vehicles

The Drivers and Vehicles app allows drivers to view licenses, registration cards and plate certificates through their Traffic File, made accessible through this app. Users can also view the mStore, and enable the handy Driver Mode to access info, hands-free. More

RTA Dubai

This interactive mobile-based application is your guide to Dubai. The app includes a list of services designed to support drivers and passengers by specifying points of interest including service centres, metro and bus stations; taxi booking services and parking. More

RTA Smart Drive

Navigate your way through Dubai. This on-board route planning and exploration device operates without mobile Internet connection. The app provides turn-by-turn voice and visual instruction, automatic re-routing and speed limit alerts while displaying points of interest along the drive. More

Smart Taxi

Save time with the Smart Taxi App. Book and track your Dubai taxi with peace of mind and ease. App users are provided with the details of the dispatched taxi and the app is IOS and Android-friendly. More

Salik App

Make travel more convenient by managing your account on-the-go. With this app, users can view their balance, recharge any account, view/download statements, access information content and more. More

Smart Parking App

Make your parking experience as smooth as possible. Users can find accessible parking-related services and information – tariff, parking payment methods and unoccupied parking spaces, automatic zone code identification, and more. More

Business & Corporate

Corporate Services

Stay in RTA’s corporate loop. This app allows customers to access features and information including load permits, claim for commercial ads, and review of current and future tenders, etc. More