RTA Dubai’s Nol card services now available in other emirates


By Majorie van Leijen  www.emirates247.com

Travellers to and from Dubai will no longer be able to purchase a paper ticket to get on the bus, as the Nol card has been introduced as the sole payment method on intercity bus travel.

With the exception of Abu Dhabi, where the old fashioned payment method will remain to exist until the end of this year, the paper ticket has been phased out and the Nol card has been introduced in all emirates, explained Adel Shakeri, Adel Shakeri, Director of Transportation Systems at the Road and Transport Authority (RTA).

Earlier this year the paper ticket was suspended from all stations in the emirate of Dubai, while it remained available in the other emirates until Nol card services were expanded.

“We have expanded the Nol card services to all emirates now except for Abu Dhabi. Passengers in other emirates will be able to purchase and top up a Nol card at several locations on all emirates,” added Adel. More info

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