RTA: Emiratization hits 11% at Serco; the Dubai Metro Operator


Source:  www.ameinfo.com

It was confirmed by Abdul Rida Abu Al Hassan, Acting CEO of the Rail Agency, The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), that the number of Emirati employees working at Serco, the Dubai Metro Operator, currently tops 127 employees; which is 11% of the total workforce employed in the metro management & operation by the said Co.

“The percentage of the UAE citizens employed at top management positions in Serco is as high as 40%, and the percentage of those employed in intermediate management positions is 28%.

Emiratis work in various fields and sections of the Dubai Metro such as customers service, trains operation & maintenance, stations management, ticket sales, public relations & marketing, administrative affairs, security of stations & trains, training and personnel,” said the Acting Director of Rail Agency.

He continued:

“According to the contract made with the RTA, Serco will seek to push Emiratization rate to 50-60% in the top and intermediate management positions by the end of 2014.”

Commenting on training & qualifying more Emiratis to work in the metro in future Abdul Rida said: “Serco has launched several training programs in cooperation with universities & colleges of the UAE with the aim of training & qualifying Emiratis to work in public transport sector, especially the rail transport. In the meantime, the fresh recruits taking up positions in the metro work team of the company are subjected to intensive training programs on the management, operation and maintenance of the metro. By the end of the training program they are required to pass the required tests which empower them carry out their duties at the highest global standards in this field. Once the fresh employees clear the required tests, Serco Human Resources Department prepares their future career management plans to enhance their abilities & skills in their respective fields.”

The Acting CEO of Rail Agency renewed RTA attention to adopt an effective mechanism to raise the percentage of Emiratis employed in the Rail Agency as well as other RTA agencies. He underscored the importance of Emiratization which is considered as a top priority of the RTA and an integral part of the RTA strategy in keeping with the current development in the quality of services delivered to all segments of the community.