RTA employee is three times a hero


Source:  www.thenational.ae

DUBAI // A young Emirati man has been thanked by police for the third time for his good deeds. In his latest act of goodwill, the young man handed over a wallet containing Dh3,000 to Dubai Police.  Mahmoud Moussa Ali, who works as a fine collector at the Roads & Transport Authority, found the wallet in Al Rifa’a area and handed it in at the neighbourhood’s police station. The wallet also included credit cards, an ID card and driving license.

Mr Ali was previously honoured for catching a thief who was trying to escape with Dh120,000. Before that, he caught a man who had stolen Dh75,000.
Major-General Abdul-Rahman Mohammad Rafi, head of the Community Services department, presented Mr Ali with an appreciation certificate and a symbolic gift.

“This step forms part of our efforts to develop a partnership between police and public. It also increases the spirit of cooperation. We can work hand-in-hand for safety and security to prevail.