RTA exhibits best administrative practices in Knowledge Fair


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) will be hosting during 14-18 April 2013 the 2nd Knowledge Fair 2013 under the theme “Knowledge for All”.

During the event, the RTA will host a plethora of national leaders and international experts who will speak about their corporate leadership models along with a review of the best administrative practices in a number of local government departments and international agencies. Events lineup also includes a Book Fair as well as cultural & educational quizzes aimed at enriching the knowledge of participants in all fields. A myriad of reputed universities, colleges and academic institutions will also have stands in the accompanying exhibition to showcase their services and products.

H.E. Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the RTA, said: “Through staging the Knowledge Fair, we are intending to diffuse and promote the concept of knowledge management among RTA employees, contribute to nurturing a corporate culture inductive to a knowledge-sharing environment through disseminating the culture of knowledge and capitalizing on the expertise of governmental and global experts in uplifting the capability and productivity of our staff in the context of our efforts of shaping into a Knowledgeable Agency. This drive is a testament to RTA Knowledge Management Strategy 2011-2014; which encompasses fostering an infrastructure supportive to the knowledge management, identifying knowledge needs & sources, providing means & methodologies of benefiting from knowledge resources, and raising the awareness of RTA employees.

“The 2nd Knowledge Fair staged by the RTA to showcase the best administrative practices will be characterized by the presence of top executives of UAE government entities and a bunch of elite experts & specialists, offering a unique opportunity for benefiting from a diverse cast of expertise in administrative fields considered instrumental to leveraging the performance of the government sector. The Forum covers three key topics: The first is the relationship between the public and private sectors in partnership project, where the private sector is considered a strategic partner of the Government in developing & constructing infrastructure projects. Applying the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model in constructing infrastructure projects is commanding the attention of several governments worldwide as it proved efficient & effective in several countries which adopted it. The second topic is the corporate governance and the third one is the governance of IT systems,” he continued.

Laila Mohammed Taher, Director of the Office of RTA Chairman of the Board and Executive Director, said: “The PPP model has been selected as the topic of RTA seminar about the best administrative practices based on the principle of “Focusing on Partners & Stakeholders”; which is a pivotal tool of governance and a main thrust of partnership projects illustrated in the governance of the relationship between the public and private sectors in these projects.”

“During the seminar, which features the participation of the RTA, Department of Economic Development, Hawkama Institute and McKinsey & Company, discussions will cover key challenges confronting the public and private sectors in this field, and the success factors of partnership projects in some countries taking into consideration the concepts advocated by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. The event will also spotlight the role of the private sector in benefiting from the points of strength in both parties, methods of financing infrastructure projects through partnership with the private sector, allocating the government funding to the economic & social development, and the role of the government sector in developing a general framework for partnership governance projects with the private sector.

“The Corporate Governance lecture, co-hosted by the RTA and INSEAD Business School, will spotlight the excellent applications of corporate governance concept built on tuning up the relationships between key stakeholders impacting the corporate performance in a way that contributes to improved transparency & performance. A briefing will also be made about the concept of IT Governance in a lecture co-hosted by the RTA and Gartner Inc.,” elaborated Laila.

It is noteworthy that the Knowledge Fair exhibits a fine collection of administrative books in the field of leadership and management. There will also be a book show organized in collaboration with Magrudy’s Bookshop to encourage employees to read more. A pavilion will be dedicated for varsities & colleges to acquaint RTA employees with the academic programs & extramural studies offered by participating academic institutions enabling employees to study courses after the working hours. The Human Resources and Development Dep’t will hold educative and academic contests, and a corner will be designated for the children of RTA Nursery to practice edutainment events. More info