RTA expands commercial transportation services in Dubai


Source:  www.eyeofdubai.com 

The Licensing Agency at Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has revealed its 2010 plans aimed at intensifying and augmenting the scope and reach of its commercial transport activity services to cover all areas of Dubai through targeting commercial companies.

Furat Ali Al Amri
Furat Ali Al Amri

Furat Ali Al Amri, Acting Director of Commercial Transport Activities Dep’t at RTA Licensing Agency, stated: “The Department is currently pondering expansion of its commercial transport activities and commercial registration & licensing services to businesses and corporate customers, to bring the services to them, thus saving them both time and effort”.
Al Amri added: “From the beginning of the current year, the Department has enhanced the commercial registration & licensing services by setting up Al Barsha Center and deployed front-end employees to deliver services to customers after being trained on the applicable commercial licensing system. We are now in the process of activating this service at the Al Aweer Center later and thereafter at all service centers of the Agency as well as sub-centers of Customer Service Centers Department”.
“Through this expansion, the department seeks to make the services readily accessible to customers and attract commercial companies. In this respect we have conducted a study on vital commercial activities which include commercial companies, and enhanced the role of the Department in this field. Accordingly, we have decided to be available in the proximity of these companies, in which way we can reach them and make it easier for them to access our services”.
“During 2010 we are keen on stretching the scope of our commercial transport activities and the scale of our services to cover the entire Dubai Emirate. That is why we have targeted Jebel Ali and Al Aweer areas as they are commercial zones bordering other Emirates and swarmed with commercial companies. By reaching these companies, we can promote many of the services provided to them and make it easy for customers to get to RTA offices spread all over Dubai Emirate”.
“The expansion plan is based on decentralization of services and lessening the pressure on Deira Center. Through this plan, we aim to better serve these businesses, heed to their opinions, feedback, and attend to their fresh inputs so as to implement them in a way that would enrich and promote the economy” added Al Amri.
He concluded that the services relating to the Commercial Transport Activities Department used to be provided by a single staff at Deira Traffic, RTA Main Customer Service Center and the Department of Economic Development.

But now, we are working towards energizing this activity in all branches to assist customer accessibility to the commercial licensing services through increasing the number of counter employees who can provide miscellaneous services without centralizing the whole service in a single center.