RTA explains tariff structure of parking zones


Source:  www.rta.ae

Engineer Maitha bin Udai, CEO of Traffic & Roads Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), explained that public parking in Dubai had been divided into two main categories i.e. On-street Parking and Off-street Parking; which were clearly indicated in the parking signage.

Two new parking categories were added at a later stage; namely: Dubai Media City and Deira Fish Market.

“Parking area designated as Code “A” refer to On-Street parking; which are parking areas intended for short-term use in order to increase the parking turnover i.e. create more parking spaces and accordingly reduce the congestion on main roads. The period granted for the use of such type of parking is restricted to 4 hours only which applies to all means of payment of the parking fees, including the parking meters and the mParking service as well,” explained Maitha.

“Off-Street parking are designated by Code “B”; which are parking spaces meant for long-term usage and can be used for 24 hours parking. To encourage the public use this type of parking, lower parking tariff is applicable, following the initial hour; which makes them cheaper when compared with the On-Street Parking (Code A),” she continued.

“As to the two newly introduced parking categories, Code “F” is designated to the Dubai Media City; which has a special parking area where the maximum parking period is fixed as two hours. Here seasonal cards (A or B) are not applicable, and the public is required to avail the parking service only through tickets issued via the parking meters or the mParking service,” elaborated Maitha.

“Code “E” refers to the Fish Market parking lot; another special parking area defined as On-street parking area. Due to the high demand and limited parking availability in this area, RTA has extended the paid parking period till 11 pm including Friday and official holidays. Similarly, no seasonal parking cards are allowed here, and motorists have to use the parking only through tickets issued via the parking meters or the mParking service,” said the CEO of Traffic & Roads Agency in a final remark.