RTA female employees attend lecture about Happiness


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Women Committee at the Roads and Transport Authority is always seeking to host the most competent professional ladies in the UAE community who are specialized in various sorts of knowledge and disciplines.

In this context, the Committee has recently received Dr. Sultana Othman, Psychiatric & Family Treatment Specialist at Tabieen Center in Dubai. The gathering discussed matters aimed at fostering the relief & satisfaction with the career life on the one hand and attaining personal pleasure on the other.

Dr. Aysha Al Busmait, Director of RTA Marketing & Corporate Communication, and Chairwoman of RTA Women Committee, praised this cooperation which will continue throughout this year to tackle all issues and matters that constitute obstacles to the community members, she says. There are several challenges and issues that stand in the way of everyone; which at the end of the day result in accumulated problems and the onset of several psychological & physical ailments, she noted.

“Holding these lectures, which address the conscience and realities of life, will definitely have a sizable contribution to sorting out suitable solutions for the problems encountered by our female employees through offering them exposure and full liberty to express their life and job-related main problems in order to sort them out in a collective manner. Such a practice will offer them full psychological relief that helps them practice their family and employment life in a smooth and hassle-free manner,” added Dr. Aysha.

The inaugural gathering between the lady consultant and RTA female employees was highly transparent as it set a platform for an open discussion to heed to the key problems faced by RTA female employees, be it family, social, or job-related problems among others in order to identify & analyze the core and most frequent ones and hold a specialist workshop to discuss each problem separately.

During the gathering, Dr. Sultana Othman shed light on how to eliminate any problem faced before tackling the other in order to avoid the accumulation of problems which would eventually give rise to several psychological pressures that trigger unruly behaviours that tend to be difficult to uproot. She stressed the importance of group therapy in solving psychological issues; which in turn will contribute to the formation of the so-called “Support Groups” through heeding to the same problem from several persons; which will ensure the disbursement of the suitable treatment and enhance the ability to cope with life.

In a related development, the Psychiatric & Family Treatment Specialist shed light on the so-called Happiness Fishers program; which is viewed as a sort of occupational therapy as it tackles diverse workshops that are held outside the UAE in the most natural venues across the globe. She recalled that the first trip was held last December to the Alps during which the visitors gained a host of diverse professional expertise in cooperation with specialized institutes and centers.

She highlighted the importance of the program in discovering & releasing the latent abilities of women; which would accordingly boost their self-confidence and its ability of ridding them of their diverse problems; which would have a substantial impact on treating the internal disorders. The program will run throughout this year, she commented.

About the key issues to be discussed with RTA female employees during the forthcoming gatherings, Dr Sultana said: “A host of key and wide-spreading issues among community members will be discussed. Such issues have to be tackled in general, such as the depression, through highlighting its evolution, causes, symptoms and treatment.

Discussions will also cover different forms of psychological problems such as anxiety, hallucination and fears besides tackling the interpersonal relations between the individual and family as well as the marital relations and relations with workmates & sons, and how to react and cope with the problem before it evolves into a complexity.