RTA generalize Dubai Model to all its strategic services


Source:  www.rta.ae

Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) decided to generalize the Dubai Government Service Delivery Model to all its strategic services delivered to customers and as such will be the first government entity to apply the Dubai Model to all its service since the initiative was launched last November.

Dubai Metro
Dubai Metro

Commenting on the above, H.E. Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the RTA, said: “Generalizing the Dubai Model methodology to all RTA services stems from RTA’s belief in the vitality of the Dubai Model; which basically aims at upgrading the level of government services, achieving customer centricity and improving the quality of services delivered by the Dubai Government in a way that goes beyond the needs of customers and at the least possible costs.

It also comes in the light of the positive and viable results of the experimental application of the unified Nol Card system; which is nominated to be the first service to apply the Model as it is vitally linked to several objectives of the Dubai Emirate in general and RTA in particular. A large number of Nol Cards is circulated among a wide segment of mass transport users through the service e-portal as well as the selling outlets. Moreover, there is a wide base for the service beneficiaries compared to other services, the Nol card is upgradeable in a short time, the deliverables are easily measured, and there are documented processes and key performance indictors to gauge the efficiency of processes.

“Over the past six months, RTA has applied the Model to Nol service; where three service improvement initiatives have been undertaken which included a marketing campaign of Nol Card, adding new channels for topping-up the balance through RTA portal, and re-engineering the service delivery process with a view to enhancing the performance rate and reducing the operational cost of the service. The initial results of applying the Model were excellent as they were close to meeting the customer expectations of the service, and contributed to raising customer satisfaction rating to 80% and the rate is likely to increase further in the near future. It also resulted in higher service effectiveness, accelerating the processing of service-related transactions, dropping of potential errors, and reducing the overall operational costs.

“RTA is always committed to deliver best-in-class services to customers at high quality standards and at the required speed. The commitment to implement the quality standards serves multiple benefits such as sorting out problems effectively, promoting inter-employee cooperation, building good reputation, and increasing the competitiveness between employees to achieve excellence; which in turn will result in higher productivity and improved quality of deliverables to customers,” said Al Tayer.

RTA Chairman of the Board and Executive Director praised the efforts of the Dubai Executive Council in upgrading the caliber of the Dubai Government services, and also hailed the project supervisors who have contributed to training and qualifying RTA improvement teams on the application of Dubai Model methodologies.

It is worth-mentioning that the Dubai Government Services Delivery Model initiative is the first of its kind worldwide in implementing an integrated model for delivering government services. The initiative comprises three major components that function concurrently as an integrated system designed to assist the government bodies with the delivery of high-class government services; which include the Model Document, Practical Applications in the Five Strategic Sectors of Dubai Government, and a package of Manuals including key service delivery tools to support the implementation by government bodies.

Five government entities have been selected for running the trial phase of the initiative, namely: The General HQ of Dubai Police, RTA, Dubai Municipality, Lands and Properties Dep’t and Community Development Authority.