RTA holds 45th Customers Council brainstorming session in Dubai Mall


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently held its 45th Customers Council session in RTA Fair at the Dubai Mall where a number of e-services were showcased in the context of the 2nd Customers Week’s events starting on 19th January with the aim of boosting communication with customers and identifying their needs in a brainstorming session that saw the exchange of an array of ideas and suggestions.

The CEO of RTA Licensing Agency cum Chairperson of Customers Council Ahmed Hashim Bahrozyan said: “Customers Council gatherings are always held with the aim of identifying RTA’s customer needs, views and suggestions to improve its service offering. They also open new horizons and add to our 3rd Strategic Goal ‘Customers First’, particularly as we provide more than 206 diversified services through multiple channels including the website, and customer service centers among others. This warranted us to cater to customers feedbacks on time and take them on board in all our current and future initiatives on the basis of which we work out improvement mechanism.”

During the session, which was attended by the Director of Customers Service Centers Ahmed Mahboob, Director of Parking Adel Al Marzooki, Director of Development and Corporate Performance Ms. Sheikha Al Jarman, and a host of RTA officials, several questions were raised and suggestions were made by customers including staging awareness campaigns targeting cabdrivers and private motorists to highlight the importance of giving priority to pedestrians traffic. Bahrozyan stated that the suggestion will be duly examined and referred to the Strategic Planning Department for further action as appropriate.

Commenting on a suggestion to provide Nol card vending machines onboard buses, Bahrozyan said: “These machines are provided in some bus stations and a study is currently underway to generalize them to the rest of stations.” As to a suggestion of a customer to route more buses through the Lulu Hypermarket at Al Qusais and Al Karama stops due to the intensity of bus riders in these two stations, Bahrozyan promised to refer this suggestion to the concerned bodies to study it further. He responded to a question about the future projects of the Dubai Emirate saying: “Dubai is unleashing mega projects including the Dubai Water Canal, and is contemplating roads widening, and new roads construction projects following the successful bidding to host Expo 2020.”

One of the attendants asked for the provision of new parking facilities in Deira, and Adel Al Marzooki responded saying: three multi-level parking terminals are currently in place, and a study is being commissioned to construct similar parking facilities in Dubai Emirate to encourage the public to use public transport means.

A lady suggested giving public bus drivers a break at the time of breakfast during Ramadan, and another suggestion was made for staging awareness campaign with a view to stimulating a change in the mindset of road users about how to cope with traffic congestions during peak times to alleviate the psychological stresses to which they are subjected. It was confirmed that these two suggestions will be considered seriously and subjected to a further detailed scientific study.

Bahrozyan paid tribute to the suggestions made and the enthusiastic ideas presented which underscore the importance of maintaining effective interaction with RTA services, particularly as customers command utmost attention in RTA’s drive. More info

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