RTA holds awareness campaign about dangers of paints leaking from transporters


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has kick started a law-enforcement awareness campaign in cooperation with the Dubai Police targeting paint transport companies and truck drivers in a bid to heighten their awareness about the damage caused by leakage of paints on roads, besides highlighting offences against offending motorists and companies.

Engineer Maitha bin Udai, CEO of RTA Traffic and Roads Agency, said: “The Agency has held a series of meetings with paints companies to educate them about the risks associated with paints spill from their vehicles. The Agency has also disseminated awareness instructions in websites and screens of these companies highlighting traffic offences, and the damage inflicted to roads as a result of paint spill.

We, in coordination with the Dubai Police, have stepped up traffic law-enforcement on paint transport vehicles that inflict damage to roads as a result of leakage from their paint load. We urge all community members through ‘My City’ initiative to report any vehicles with such materials leaking as the spilling of liquids undermines the safety of roads and road users. Moreover, the Agency has disseminated awareness flyers in more than 1,500 paint companies and contractors.”

“The Federal Traffic Law provides for stringent measures as regards such offences and some deterrent penalties and fines will be slapped on violators. The leakage or falling objects from a vehicle is punishable by a fine of AED 3,000 and 12 black points, in addition to impounding the offending vehicle for a period of 30 days. The RTA also forces the violator to pay the cost of removing paints in addition to 25% of the cost incurred, in addition to another fine of AED 500 form the Dubai Municipality. In case of recurrence of leakage or falling objects from the vehicle, stricter actions shall be taken against violators by the RTA and Dubai Police,” she noted.

“The RTA has noticed recently that some transport vehicles do not comply with the specifications and conditions for transporting liquids such as paints and pigments; which may result in spilling of these liquids in a way that causes significant damage to roads, jeopardize the safety of road users, and distort roads and general appearance of the city, not to mention the high cost and long time spent by the RTA to remove such damage,” added Bin Udai.

“The prestigious standing enjoyed by Dubai roads and streets as one of the best infrastructures worldwide makes it necessary for us to continuously maintain, develop and improve this status; which warrants cooperation of all relevant parties. Therefore the RTA calls upon all concerned motorists to support the government’s efforts in upgrading and improving roads and streets in Dubai emirate, and ensuring that no paints or pigments spill while in transit on Dubai roads,” she further added.

The CEO of Traffic and Roads Agency also called upon community members to support the Agency’s efforts in upgrading and improving streets and roads in Dubai emirate, and maintaining their international billing as the best worldwide according to the Global Competitiveness Report released a few weeks ago. More info