RTA holds Leaders of Excellence course in conjunction with DGEP


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), in collaboration with the Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP) has recently staged a training course entitled Leaders of Excellence in the context of the DGEP’s activities aimed at nurturing the culture of excellence among the leaders of government entities, and raising the awareness of corporate excellence concepts.

The course also aimed at charting out the role of the leadership team and casting light on the standards of the Program through citing examples of the best practices in Dubai Government coupled with applied case studies.

Shaikha Al Jarman, Director of RTA Development and Corporate Excellence, said: “The 5-day course included 5 phases, the first was entitled “Planning & Launching of Corporate Excellence Map,” which highlighted the full commitment and steadfast belief of all concerned parties, especially employees, in corporate excellence concepts, mechanism of appointing officials to coach the standards, and the formation of corporate excellence work teams with effective participation of the leadership team.

It also focused on improvement & development rather than winning the award, allocating human & financial resources to materialize the roadmap in place, and training leadership team members on the concepts of corporate excellence & principles by attending In-house Assessor of Internal Excellence courses, so that leaders could turn into role models to follow.

The second phase, she added, introduced a roadmap implementation mechanism in order to implement and update corporate excellence methodologies, through direct participation of the leadership team in this aspect, besides focusing on the key pillars of strategic planning, evaluating leaders’ performance, measuring corporate performance, managing change, risk & governance, and conducting benchmarks against best-in-class practices.” She noted that the second part of that phase focused on continuously motivating employees to participate in revamping corporate excellence methodologies and implementing them in a sustainable manner, besides highlighting the importance of direct supervision of plans set for those methodologies by compiling monthly, quarterly and semi-annual reports, and reviewing the results of satisfaction & performance indicators measurement on regular basis so as to take corrective & preventive measures, among other actions.

“The third phase dealt with the personal involvement of leaders in preparing the executive summary, work plans and manuals required for verifying the fulfillment of corporate excellence requirements, grooming and motivating employees for the external evaluation process through brochures, training and orientation with RTA’s key achievements and business processes. The fourth phase focused on the active participation in the process of external evaluation, besides assuring evaluators that the aim is to continuously develop and upgrade the performance, not just to win the award,” she further added.

“Phase five of the Course touched on the distribution of the report to all concerned leaders and employees. The report has to be thoroughly read by the leadership team members and a work plan has to be mapped out including all points of strength and other vital issues,” noted Al Jarman.

She concluded that the Course was well received by the concerned employees due to the wide range of topics included, besides opening new horizons of corporate excellence and exposure to the advanced techniques of boosting this concept such that excellence evolves into a culture in its own right. More info